Friday, 1 November 2013

Grabban's play has been impressive

Some fans have not really given Leiws Grabban the credit he is due for his performances this season. To concentrate on the odd, one-on-one, missed opportunity is not seeing the wider aspect of his game that has come on tremendously in the last few months. I not only see him as a potent goal scorer, but as a player that has been linking play and even tackling back to regain possession for the team. He is holding the ball up well now and his first touch has been particularly good in the last two games. Things are going really well for Lewis.

Grabban is taking the lead for AFCB goal scoring.

Lewis has every right to be pleased with the start of this season.
Grabban's work ethic has certainly risen. He does a lot of work for the team in running back and making it more difficult for teams to attack AFCB when they have the ball and he also widens the play by making his runs to the corners to stretch teams very effectively. Meanwhile, his goal count is among the best in the division.

As a first season in the Championship I don't think Eddie Howe could expect to see much more from Leiws and I am sure he is one of the first names that goes down on the team sheet at the moment. I know some fans will say he needs too many chances to score but I don't think that is fully assessing what he brings to the team and he has been taking on shots early and trying to keep his scoring record going, which is just what I want to see from him. He has the confidence he needs to feel that he is going to score at the moment and that is vital for a striker. 

Lewis was particularly unlucky at Leicester when he had a shot from the edge of the box after what must have been 25 or more Bournemouth passes only to see his shot narrowly go wide of the post. It would have been one of the best goals the team would have made this season. The good thing is that his team mates know he is in form and they are trying to get him on the end of moves.
Lewis, Brett and Tokelo will be looking to help push AFCB further up the league.
Our other strikers know that they have a hard task to work their way into the team with Lewis playing so well. Thomas and Pitman would be a pretty good strike force for any Championship team but they are fighting for supporting roles along with Tokelo Rantie. What is more, I think Grabban is getting even better and I can see him believing in his abilities now. All strikers are going to miss some opportunities, but Lewis never lets his head go down from what I have seen this season and he looks forward for the next chance. As long as he can keep doing that he will become a real favourite at Dean Court.

You can also visit Cherry Chimes Rival Lines today where you can read an exclusive interview with Chris Parr one of the founders of Bolton Blog - The Men in White. Chris points to a defensive set up and experimentation as the main reasons for Bolton's slow start to the season, but they are up and running now and their strikers are starting to score. Perhaps that's a warning to AFCB.

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