Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lee Camp - any chance AFCB can keep him for longer?

Just when I thought lee Camp was going to get his first clean sheet for AFCB, up springs Danny Ings to deprive Camp and the team of a victory in the final minutes of the Burnley match. As a whole I though Lee had a pretty good game. I do think he brings experience and some authority to the back line. He comes for crosses and he appears a good organiser. 

There were also several saves that had to be made in the last game and he was brave on occasions as well. I was particularly amazed at the same he made to Sam Vokes after 64 minutes when the Burnley striker looked offside, but got his shot away which Camp go down to on his right and with finger tips pushed it on to the post before safely getting the rebound. Camp also made the save from Treacy's free kick right at the end of the game look easy but it certainly saved AFCB a point on the day.

The goal that Ings did score was a bit bewildering from an AFCB point of view. Once Cook lost the first header against Vokes the Cherries did not go and attack the ball. Camp took a few steps back. I am not sure if Lee thought that Ward was going to deal with the ball or if he thought Ings would be offside, but that moments hesitation meant that Ings could get in between Camp and Ward,  the last defender. AFCB had looked so solid and Burnley had run out of ideas, but the Cherries just seem to be a bit unlucky against the top teams.   

After so much hard work by the team at defending so gallantly it was a shame that they had the three points taken away from them in the last few minutes. On the balance of play though it was perhaps not so surprising. If AFCB had won the game Burnley would no doubt have felt that they had been robbed.

I would like Bournemouth to retain that steely determination of being hard to beat away from home. Sometimes you need to play a bit ugly to get the points and I suspect that AFCB have not quite got that quality yet. A little more meanness and playing the clock is perhaps something that has not happened too often for AFCB this season. Getting the first goal has proved difficult. But the team got the lead at Burnley and so nearly held out. I do think that having a solid keeper between the sticks gives the players so much more confidence and that clean sheet would be good to achieve against Derby County.

What are the chances of AFCB extending Lee Camp's loan?
Looking at the forward fixtures AFCB only have the services of Lee Camp on loan until 29 November so it will be interesting to see what happens when AFCB play Brighton at home the next day. Ryan Allsop, as we know, has glandular fever at the moment and Shwan Jalal is the only keeper cover, although Darryl Flahavan may be ready to play by then. I don't suppose their is any chance of extending Lee Camp's loan?

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