Tuesday, 19 November 2013

It helps to be underdogs

AFCB are still leading the way in terms of the newly promoted clubs to the Championship this season. The step up in level has given the team a real challenge in terms of breaking down experienced teams that defend well and look to score against AFCB on the break. With AFCB sitting for most of the season in the top half of the table there has been a feeling that the Cherries are more than capable of surviving in the Championship, but it was revealing that Eddie Howe said after the recent Bolton game that they need everyone to have the mentality that AFCB are the underdogs if they are to stand a fighting chance against some of the big teams that come to the Goldsands stadium this season.

AdFCB player know that can beat the odds and win against bigger teams,
but home supporters can also play a bit part in helping them. So sing up on Saturday!
Our team does seem to thrive on being the underdog. The atmosphere at games made by our away supporters has been truly magnificent and has been commented on by Leicester City fans who seemed stunned that AFCB brought such large support. The club has also helped by putting on free transport for the Burnley game which saw 10 coaches head up north to Lancashire.

At home it is a bit different. The Millwall game did inspire the home crowd to dig deep and pick the team up when we were losing and the atmosphere for the Wigan home match was also good. However, there was that same feeling for the Bolton game, despite a full house, and our players really need to hear that encouragement. In the next few games AFCB have a chance to make the most of their home advantage and I would like to see fans give Derby County and Brighton a hard time with lots of noise. I know this will happen for the Brighton match, but it is important that we do this for good teams like Derby County when they come down. We have to make them feel uneasy in the surroundings and get our players up for the challenge.

I know the feel good factor only comes with winning games and for AFCB supporters it has been a bit strange not to see our team winning as often as would like. But this is the Championship and AFCB need all they help they can get, especially at home. Never forget that we are the underdogs in pretty much every match. What we should hope though is that one day we are no longer seen as the underdogs.

Looking at the teams above us in the league I think it is only Wigan that we have beaten, but there is a chance to improve that statistic when Derby and Brighton come to Dean Court so let's give our team every chance of picking up those points.

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