Friday, 15 November 2013

Can kicking long be beneficial?

Kris Temple and John Williams were not slow in picking up on Lee Camp's preferred method of getting the ball back into play when he has it in his hands. It was rare in the Bolton game to see Lee Camp roll the ball out from the back and even more of a collectors item during the Burnley match. Has Lee decided that AFCB need to mix it up more rather than get caught at the back?
Lee Camp appears to prefer the boot up field rather than the throw out.

I suggest that Eddie Howe may know that Lee's kicking can be very good and sees it possibly as a new tool that the team can benefit from because he can be accurate and quick to get the team on the attack that way. It may also be more helpful away from home when a patient build up is not as necessary. The only thing is that when the ball is kicked long from the back there is more of a chance for the opposition to win back possession easier. I don't mind that Lee is kicking more often that our other keepers, but I hope he varies it a bit more as I also enjoy us build from the back when the team is playing with confidence.

It is also possible that Eddie Howe is considering how the pitches are now playing at this time of the year. The ball can become sticky and heavy in the winter and it may be that Eddie Howe has asked his players to get the ball up the pitch quicker rather than risk a short pass at the back on the heavy pitches.  

At AFCB though we don't have many players that find it easy to win high balls in the air. It will be interesting to see how the team plays in the next few games with the long ball or with our more familiar style of building from the back. 

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