Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Shoot on sight policy

Hearing the reaction of Eddie Howe to AFCB's small number of shots on target against Derby it looks like there may be  quite a bit of shooting practise ahead for the team this week. I don't think AFCB have become shot shy overnight, just that the teams they have played in the last few games have been more organised at the back and they knew that the Cherries were a team scoring in just about every game. Some of AFCB's play will be studied and opponents will look to see ways in which they can set up to stop our players doing well. If you like, an element of surprise has perhaps been lost.

If we need the element of surprise, Rantie can always
sneak up on the opposition.
Looking at the last game I can't say that I saw AFCB get into many areas where it was easy to get a shot away when they didn't. AFCB are not over playing, it's more a case of not getting that dominance of a 10-15 minute spell, according to Eddie Howe, when they are really on top of the opposition and stretching them. I suppose that was true in the Millwall game, but the team were on top against Bolton when they could not break them down. 

What our players have not found is much space around the edge of the box, and that has to be created with skill and movement. That could come from Matt Ritchie now or another midfielder opening the door. It's not been something that the team has struggled with in the past but more chances are probably required before the strikers can be clinical. If AFCB are not creating much and only get one or two opportunities a game to score it will heap pressure on the forwards to scorers and indeed the defenders to keep a clean sheet. So while shooting practise is welcome, there are other areas of the game where AFCB might also look to improve. Tindall and Howe have to find some way of making AFCB more ruthless, and hungrier to get that first goal. Let's hope they succeed this week.

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