Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Grabban is at his best up front

I was pleased to see the return of Ritchie and Fraser not least for the fact that Lewis Grabban could revert back to playing as a striker rather than on the wing. In recent weeks AFCB have seen their attack score fewer goals and I think it is important that players are able to play in their best positions if the Cherries are to start picking up points again. While Grabban does a reasonable job on the wing, I like to see him have more of an opportunity to get the goals up front.

Is Lewis wasted on the wing?
Eddie Howe has been keen to see his strikers play on the turn with swift movement, but there is an argument to say that the centre midfield players would get more of an opportunity to link in with attacks if they had forwards willing to hold the ball up more. There have also been calls for a striker that can head the ball better than our current crop of strikers. It appears that that is not the way that Eddie wants to play. 

The fact remains though that AFCB need to be getting more shots on target and giving the strikers more opportunities to score. I think Fraser and Ritchie will add creativity and Grabban leading the line would have more or a basis for midfielders to link in. Whether Pitman or McQuoid or even McDermott could play in the whole is something that could be alternated. I would use Rantie as a sub with his pace in the last half hour of games.

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