Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New gutsy away resolve to Cherries play

Eddie Howe pointed out that AFCB needed to adapt their way of play when taking on Burnley, because of their high work rate and intensity of play. The game certainly was end to end and the Cherries did particularly well at blunting what has been the most potent strike force in the Championship this season. 

While Danny Ings had not been that much in the game he did have the last word but good players always keep alert as Eddie Howe feared might happen. Still the way that Bournemouth decided to play and the resilience they showed at Turf Moor has got to stand them in good stead going forward. In many ways it is a pity that we have not got a game next weekend, because on the performance at Burnley the Cherries have shown that they can be a match for any one. That is in stark contrast to the home performance we saw last week when they fell to a Bolton team that really did not show that much as a goal threat.

On the road I don't have many worries that Bournemouth can't keep to such a well organised game plan in the future as was shown at Burnley. Eddie Howe made the team compact and difficult to break down. The players work rate was also tremendous and I thought they looked as good as the league leaders for much of the match. I would just like AFCB to create a few more chances and then they will win one of these away games against a high flying team.

It is at home where they need to now ensure they are able to tap into the crowd's will for them to win and play without any fear when taking on teams in this division. If they can do that they will finish a lot higher than mid-table. It's about application now. We have seen that they can achieve and its important that they go into future games carrying this confidence now.

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