Thursday, 14 November 2013

Has the Burnley result made you think differently about AFCB?

The Championship is so tight that it is hard to predict where AFCB will finish at the end of play on 3 May 2014. At one moment, you think AFCB are struggling and the teams they are playing have so much more support and players with greater experience that it is hard for our players to make an impression. Then the next week our players will go to a ground where they have to earn the right to stay in the game, and will have to defend madly and yet will come away with a point when it seemed improbable before the start of play.

The Burnley result was another draw away against a good team. You may feel that Eddie Howe had prior knowledge on how Burnley would play and knew how to counter this, but I thought the Clarets played with plenty of attacking guile and AFCB had to defend well at times. No doubt Eddie Howe is still learning himself about the Championship, but he appears to be getting the most out of the team in recent away performances.

In some ways I like the way that you never quite know what you will get when you watch AFCB this season. It would be great if they were consistently winning, but I can see they are trying with everything they have every match and I think that kind of togetherness and fight will see the team do enough to please the fans this season. That is all you can really ask for. If that is good enough to stay up or good enough to finish mid-table or to push into the top ten, we will just have to wait and see.

What I can see is that this team is learning and it is listening to what Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall are asking of them. Things are coming together more now. The management team has been very insistent on not being over critical of the team in public and keeping a positive attitude to performances. A level keel is what Eddie Howe is looking for.

If AFCB can stay in the Championship this season I think most of us fans would be happy for the team to play 
most of the same teams again next season. 

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