Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Changing personnel in AFCB's engine room

Being spoilt for choice is not something that AFCB managers have had in the past. Eddie Howe has more fortune than some have had in the area of centre midfield because he has a good group of players that are fairly interchangeable. That is also the way it has been this season with Arter, MacDonald, O'Kane, Surman and Hughes playing in different combinations at the heart of the Cherries team.
Andrew Surman.
Shaun MacDonald.
Now that everyone is getting back to full fitness it is going to be difficult to keep everyone happy and involved. Harry Arter has probably been the main man to be selected when he has been available but being only one more card away from a suspension, it won't be long before he will be rested. That will mean an opportunity for someone.

Arter will do well not to miss out on a big game sooner
or later., because of suspension.
It has been refreshing that Eddie Howe has given O'Kane, MacDonald and Arter the chance to step up and be the main players in midfield rather than go shopping for more talent. With only Andrew Surman bolstering that area of the squad in the summer, Howe has shown faith in his players from last season. Whether that continues in January we will have to wait and see.

While our squad is fairly young and has not been together for much more than a couple of seasons it is probable that some players may be targeted by other clubs in the coming months. That is something that AFCB fans may have to get used to, but at least our players are going to be worth more than they have in the past and they have to of been playing well to attract interest from other clubs.

I expect Eddie Howe is already open to ideas on who may be brought in next summer or even in January to add even more strength to the centre midfield, because the Championship is so punishing.

Following Rantie's arrival you can't discount the probability that AFCB scouts will more than likely be looking globally for new stars. Having seen some of the control and skill and possession qualities of internationals in Chile's team against England the other day you wonder whether the day will come when AFCB add a South American player to their squad. 

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