Sunday, 17 November 2013

Do you mind how AFCB celebrate their goals?

My friend from All Departments, Michael Dunne, said he had spoken to Marc Pugh a short while ago after the Leicester City game when he scored that rocket of a shot past Kasper Schmiechel. Michael was certainly impressed with Marc's strike but pointed out that his goal celebrations might need some work. It is something that you could level at pretty well any one of our regular goal scorers, but I am sure they are delighted every time they hit the back of the net. Still, it would be great to see some in-house jokes or humour to AFCB's celebrations.

The club itself is encouraging Juniour Cherries to have a go at a goal celebration so I expect there will be lots of shirts over heads, Alan Shearer arms aloft and perhaps some unusual goal celebrations that AFCB players can take some inspiration from. The main point for me is that the team continue to keep up their fabulous goal scoring rate which is now 1.4 per match. If Bournemouth can raise that rate then most of us probably would not care how they celebrate.

There are still a few players who I would like to see get on the score sheet for the team as soon as they can this season. I am sure that Mr Ritchie will be keen to add to his tally from last season and I sadly missed Coulibaly's debut goal, so I would like to see him celebrate another one. But the player that I really want to see thunder a shot in is Macca. Macca is so gracious and statesman like on the pitch that it would be great to see him score and then do something very entertaining that no one expected.

Has Macca got a few goals in him this season?

I did always wonder whether Eddie Bear might get yellow carded if he joined in the celebrations, but he seems to have been very well behaved in all my time of going to AFCB matches. Well, Junior Cherries it's over to you for the moment.


  1. Coulibaly has never scored for AFCB.

  2. Yes he did... Against Portsmouth in the pre season friendly.

  3. Indeed, he did score against Portsmouth at home. One of the pre-season games I missed! It was a cracker of a goal as well from what I hear but it's not on Cherries player which is a shame.

  4. Scoring in a friendly is not counted by anyone as scoring a proper goal.