Monday, 4 November 2013

What are AFCB fan's expectations for the season?

Eddie Howe pointed towards saying that expectations had been raised with AFCB's good start to the season. However, with only one point from the last three games AFCB fans can quickly see how the table can change and it may be time to revisit what this season's expectations should be for the newly promoted Cherries.

Bournemouth players have given supporters reason to get their hopes up.
Willo at BBC Radio Solent said: "We have to take the rough with the smooth. Expectations have been growing around our place a little too quickly." Somehow I don't feel that AFCB fans should lower their expectations greatly. If we expect to suffer losses against the bigger teams than we probably will. I want fans to get behind the Cherries and drive them as far up the table as they can, just like any AFCB fan.

What I think Willo and Eddie are getting at is that the home support needs to stay with the team. Even if we are losing we should be getting behind our team, they can't do it on their own. I felt sad that the crowd was quiet on Saturday and expected the team to just perform, we have to give them everything we can to lift the team. 

A home defeat to Bolton was not what the bookies were forecasting, and if Bournemouth had not performed a bit below standard, it is not unthinkable that they could have got something from this game or even won it.

My early expectations of finishing 15th doesn't look far out at the moment, but that doesn't mean AFCB have to settle for safety this season. I saw more promise and excitement in AFCB's performances at Leicester and Nottingham Forest than at home against Bolton Wanderers. I thought Bolton were one of the poorer teams to come to the Goldsands this season and yet they took all three points. While AFCB were in this game they could not find the consistency of performance that would really worry Bolton at the back.

What position do you feel is obtainable for AFCB this first season in the Championship and has your opinion changed in recent games? You can tweet me @peterbell19 and I'll post the best replies.

My good friend Michael Dunn has also posted his Kangeroo Court on AFCB v Bolton so visit his site of listen on Cherry Chimes - the side bar has the podcast.

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  1. Before the season started, same as now, my hoped were quite simply survival. If I'm totally honest, I thought we might find ourselves struggling to stay out of the bottom few places all season. We've made a very good start, although it seems teams have found us out now, as Bolton and Blackburn showed. Sorry to keep repeating myself, but I honestly think we're really close to be a very good side, inconsistency is our biggest problem. Over come that, and we COULD, be vying for a Play Off place. IF we don't sort ourselves out, it could be the opposite end of the league, it's THAT tight!!