Thursday, 10 December 2015

AFC Bournemouth belong at the top level

I listened to a lot of radio feedback after the win against Chelsea and the resounding note that came through was that AFCB are a joy to watch in the Premier League. Pundits have been asking, no pleading for the team to play in a different way and yet by getting a win by sticking to Eddie Howe's beliefs there is a common understanding that the Cherries are one of the true entertainers in the Premier League.

Sometimes things don't quite work out for this brave team. There have been a number of hic cups along the way, but if they start to see that playing such teams as Man Utd is simply a great chance to show the fans that they can be winners in one of the toughest leagues in the world. That is some rise over the last few seasons and every week now seems like a new chapter is opening as the Cherries push the bar even higher.
AFCB are keeping their feet on the ground but are looking to take more scalps.
There is a warning there for other teams now. AFCB are not standing still, but are improving all the time. Eddie Howe said he was excited as to what the team might be able to do in the second half of the season and if they can keep upsetting the odds they'll be fine. The challenge of Man Utd is bigger than most. Many of us will remember seeing the Red Devils being humbled at Dean Court when Ron Atkinson was the manager back in 1984 and while the current Man Utd squad is viewed by many as a project in progress, the price-tags on their players is basically in another world when compared to the Cherries. And yet AFCB belong in the Premier League for their bravery and unchanging attitude as much as their technique.

It was a privilege to be standing along with 3000 other AFCB fans at Stamford Bridge and to be amongst the throng of people who were kicking every ball along with the team in this final minutes. If the Cherries had not announced their presence before, they certainly made their voice heard with the victory over Chelsea and now the games can't come fast enough. 

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