Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Franno upset with unbeaten run coming to an end

There was a very honest and frank interview that Simon Francis gave to BBC RadioSolent after the defat at Arsenal. It was very clear that he was disappointed to see the unbeaten run go even though he recognised that Arsenal are title contenders and defeats to such teams are not as damaging as perhaps losing to sides in the bottom six.
Simon Francis shows AFCB's ambition by his disappointment at the Arsenal result.
Francis said that he felt "We had the players out there in the starting eleven to cause them problems today but it was just not enough."

The depth of the squad is shown up a little when playing teams like Arsenal who can bring on international players with pedigree and the starting eleven they have is overloaded with international caps.

Francis though could not be disappointed at how December had gone as a whole for the Cherries. "We go into the New Year still with a lot of confidence," he said. "We've lost to a team in Arsenal, who I think really should go on and win the title. So if so and they win the title and we stay in the Premier League then it's not to bad a thing to lose to the Champions."

Franno admitted though that, "we weren't just at 100 per cent though and that is what cost us."

Going into the Leicester game though and the second half of the season there are more points to be had and if the Cherries can get off to a winning start against a Leicester side that have amazed everyone in 2015 then the end of the unbeaten run at the Emirates would quickly be forgotten.

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