Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Cherries can cope with physically bruising encounters

The match against WBA was very different to those games against Chelsea and Man Utd. It was clear that WBA were going to be very physical and to look to win set plays to get the Cherries to defend their goal with high balls in the box. It didn't work for Tony Pulis though. There was not enough variation in WBA's play and the Cherries were not going to get bullied.

I thought that to win against WBA away from home was a more significant achievement than some of the other results that AFCB have had as it was going to be an ugly spectacle. This was hard graft and even when WBA got back into the game, it would have been easy for AFCB to have gone under. But they braced themselves and went again and the desire of the team is really coming through. They will roll up their sleeves for these kinds of matched and will not give up.
The Cherries did not succumb ti WBA's late onslaught.
Getting the team patched up again is going to be tough over the Christmas period, but the excitement of the forthcoming games should keep the adrenalin going for most of the players. There is also now the test of knowing that the run they are on is the best they have had and that every game they can extend it is going to make the record better.

I don't think it matters too much who the Cherries have to play at the moment. It is more about themselves than the opposition. Each team offers a different kind of test and Eddie Howe is preparing the team to keep causing opposition teams more problems than worrying about how good their players are. It's the positive approach to the challenges the team faces that is carrying the team forward and AFCB may be getting bruised but they have their eyes on the main aim - collecting the three points on offer.

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The lunch time article - Finding solutions is earning points for the Cherries will be released at 12.30 today.

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