Thursday, 3 December 2015

Cherries now have a team of goalscorers

When Callum Wilson was wheeled off the pitch at the Britannia Stadium, there was a sudden need for the Cherries to find a way of getting goals without their lead striker. It was not easy to see how the team was going to meet its needs with the players that found it hard at first to adapt to playing without Wilson's presence which had been the fulcrum around which the side had been operating so well. However, we have reached the stage in the season when the pieces of the new plan have started to really bring results, and suddenly it's not case of who can possibly get a goal but which player is going to score next?
Finding the net is getting easier.
The AFCB players are lining up to get their name on the score sheet and it's a fabulous feeling for Bournemouth fans to now that they have a team that is now packed with players that can get the goals to rive them up the league. It was important that Josh King got off the mark at Swansea, and we have seen him lead the line now in a way which is so much more powerful and involved with the rest of the team now. He believes he can beat two or three players in a row and that just wasn't happening before. Dan Gosling is forcing his way into shooting positions, while Charlie Daniels has been steaming up the wings like a train and will surely start to get goals in his present form.

We have Adam Smith who is starting to go past players and is also getting his head up to have a crack at goal when he can. Junior Stanislas now has a taste for getting goals and will be on a high going into the next match. We have not even mentioned Matt Ritchie who has had a quieter period but he can pick out a finish at any moment. We've also seen Glenn Murray get goals since his move to the Cherries.

So the forward side of the game is suddenly in much better shape than perhaps every one thought only three games ago when a blank was recorded against Newcastle. Five goals in two games have turned that around and against Everton, AFCB managed 19 shots and more importantly 10 were on target. Going forward the Cherries are looking strong and it's great to see that the side is packed with scoring potential again.

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