Monday, 14 December 2015

We're all behind you No 8 - Harry Arter

I was watching the players warm up before the Man Utd game and took time to see Harry Arter doing his runs and shooting, not knowing at the personal loss he and his partner had suffered in the week. I was soon informed moments later and was trying to get my head around it, and like most fans I just wanted him to have a good game. It is hard to find the words to explain what to say and you can only feel for a family in such times.
Harry Arter receives attention on his thigh pre-match.
Watching Harry though gave me comfort in that he was surprisingly going to play and wanted to put the red and black shirt on despite his personal tragedy of losing his daughter at birth. I then saw him run over to Steve Hard who was with the physio team and before long Harry was being strapped up around his right thigh with some heavy bandaging.I just hoped that it was a only precautionary measure.

Luckily Harry continued and played as if he did not even have any strapping on. I think sometimes us fans can't really know how much the players have to carry with them on to the pitch every week in terms of small injuries and emotional turmoil in what is going on in their everyday lives. Harry was a true hero on Saturday with his powerful running and passing that at one time put Junior Stanislas right through on goal, when he tried to go around David de Gea.

Later in the game Harry did get a yellow card and came over to the touch line where Eddie Howe grabbed hold of him and gave him a fantastic embrace, like I think we all wanted to and spoke some instructions into his ear. I have no doubt that it was some words of thanks for his performance as well as telling him that he had done enough and that he should go to the far side of the pitch before coming off. Indeed, a few moments later Harry sat down and awaited the subs board. The song "No8, No8 Harry Arter" still rings in my ears and it was just pleasing to see that not only Harry had a great game but that the team could follow its win a Chelsea with another huge three points against Man Utd. 

Going forward I hope Harry can find some comfort in the fact that we all love him and we really appreciate what he has done for the club over the years. My son wears the Arter No 8 shirt and I feel so proud that my son like so many other fans feels so highly about Harry that he wants to sing his name every match.

We love you Harry!

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