Saturday, 5 December 2015

What's wrong with Chelsea this season?

I suppose everyone at Stamford Bridge is asking the question of how last year's Champions have not managed to play with their winning panache that was so magnificent at times only a year ago. Most of the players from last season are still a the club and the manager has not changed. But has Mourinho's style of management worn thin on his players?
AFCB can look forward to a great day at Stamford Bridge.
Chelsea still have work to do this season.
At the end of the day it is Mourinho that will shoulder the blame for the results. He is certainly still in control of how he wants his team to play and who he wants on the pitch as Diego Costa found out in their last match against Tottenham Hotspurs. Some of the swagger has emerged in Champions League matches, but it is the Premier League form that is disappointing and it is baffling why Chelsea have not exploded back up the table yet.

Keeping Chelsea subdued for long though is unlikely to happen. The players are too good to be below half way in this league and Eddie Howe will have to remind his players not to get carried away, as Chelsea will surely punish a team that is too open sooner or later. Their best result at Stamford Bridge was probably the 2-0 win against Arsenal back in September, but Arsenal only had nine men on the pitch by the end of that game. Defeats against the likes of Liverpool and Southampton at home are probably not as shocking as a win for AFCB would be. Chelsea have only played Norwich and Aston Villa of the bottom six at home though and they dispatched both of them well enough.

What must be a concern though for Jose is that his top scorer from last season is only on three goals in this campaign. Does Diego really want to play under Jose at the moment? I can't help feeling that a parting maybe around the corner however much kissing and huddling the two do. Chelsea remains an unhappy camp and that just gives underdog teams like AFCB a slight chance that they could get something that they are not supposed to from a game like this.

In their last match against Spurs though, Mourinho feels his team played the best they have this season which is ominous to hear. "The team is back," said Jose. 

Eden Hazard is certainly playing his way back into form and AFCB will have to have do better than others who have failed to score against the Blues in the last three games. 

Chelsea Home Form

AFCB Away Form

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