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Rival Lines: Diego Costa should be sold, says Chelsea Daft

Rival Lines
Match Preview: Chelsea v AFCB
Blogger Interview: Chelsea Daft
Twitter: @Chelseadaft

Well Chelsea have probably had a season to forget already as far as the Premier League is concerned. You'd be forgiven for thinking that some of the Jose brigade might bee feeling down in the dumps. Rather than skirt the issue though I was keen enough to ask Chelsea Daft what has gone wrong and whether Jose had rather lost the plot in recent weeks. We get right into it talking Jose, Petr Chec and the uncompromising Diego Costa.

CC: What has it been like to be at Stamford Bridge this season watching your side play so uncharacteristically unlike Chelsea?

CD: It's been frustrating to say the least. Normally, you can pinpoint one or two players who are out of form and not playing well. This season barring Willian, it's been everyone!

CC: Do you believe that Chelsea are now back on track in terms of the players being back to their normal levels of performance now or do you worry about some of the players in particular?

CD: I personally believe that 75% of the players are getting back to where they should be and the levels we are looking for. Eden Hazard in particular looks back on his game and re-focused. Others still need to raise their game if we are to have any chance of climbing the table and making a realistic challenge for the top four.

CC: Was the Bradford City game in the FA Cup last season an early sign that Chelsea needed to add to its defensive strength in the summer and why John Stones was chased so hard?

CD: Being honest, I don't think you can read much into the Bradford defeat on a lack of squad depth. If anything, the players thought that being at the top of the Premier League and cursing at that point; all they had to do was turn up to win it and they were turned over. Bradford were excellent that day and deserved the win.

As for John Stones? It's clear that Jose believes that it's important to have a core of English players in his side and especially in his defence. Stones would be the natural replacement for John Terry and that's why I believe he tried to sign him.

CC: Do you want Jose Mourinho to change and be bit more humble or do you like him being himself even if the club and results can suffer sometimes? (He does seem to like to think the world is always against him)

CD: Jose Mourinho is one of the most successful managers in the game and he is never going to change. Think back to when he left the first time and how people spoke to missing him. When he speaks, people listen whether they like him or not and let's face it, he tells it how it is. Would you prefer someone like that with personality or someone who is dull?

CC: Was the sale of Petr Cech to Arsenal more damaging than Chelsea fans really appreciated in the summer?

CD: Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it. Petr Cech was sold and it was a deal that suited everyone. However, no one would have predicted Thibaut Courtois' injury that has plagued his season. To be fair, Asmir Begovic has been outstanding despite our poor results.

CC: Have you been disappointed with Diego Costa's form this season and can you put any reason on why it has not been going so well for him?

CD: Diego Costa should be sold as quickly as possible in my opinion with his petulance on the bench against Tottenham towards Jose Mourinho as the final straw. No one is bigger than the team or the club and for someone who promotes team work and working hard for his team mates in the quotations he gives now and again, it's ridiculous.

His movement compared to last season is non-existent and he is beginning to wind the Chelsea fans up.

Someone like Cesc Fabregas has suffered because of Costa this season. Last season you would remember that Fabregas would pick the ball up in midfield, look up and Costa would be off on his bike. That combination was key for us last term. This year, he lifts his head and the movement isn't there and we are stuck passing the ball sideways.

Sell him!

CC: Willian has probably been Chelsea's best player this season but do you think he would get more star status if he was at a different Premier League club?

CD: I believe that Willian is getting the credit he deserves in the media now. All the Chelsea fans know just how effective he has been for us. His work rate, his quality on the ball and his skills are immense. Finally, he is getting the goals to add gloss to his performances. He is out player of the season no matter what happens.

CC: Can Chelsea put all their troubles behind them and win the Champions League this season or is the team short of a couple of players to really challenge the likes of Barcelona and Bayern Munich?

CD: Chelsea can beat anyone on their day as we proved in 2012. Lionel Messi has never scored against us and we beat Bayern in their own backyard. It would be typical Chelsea to struggle in the Premier League but to go and make a real challenge for the CL. I do admit that Barcelona right now would be a tough ask!

CC: Jose said Max Gradel was good enough to play for Chelsea but are there any other AFC Bournemouth players that give you concern from what you have seen of them?

CD: I really, really like Matt Ritchie. He is quality on the ball and is a real danger. I have watched Bournemouth a few times and really like the way they go about their business. As you have seen this season, anyone can beat anyone on their day and Bournemouth are the same on Saturday.

CC: Would defeat to AFC Bournemouth be a new low for Chelsea or would it simply be an unthinkable result?

CD: No disrespect here but Chelsea are the Premier League Champions and to play a side that has just been promoted - you expect to beat them. Right now as we are slowly picking ourselves up and putting a run of results together, a defeat would be unthinkable not because its Bournemouth but because of our situation.

Make no mistake. Chelsea need to be at their best week in, week out now and nothing less.

CC: I really enjoyed putting those questions to  Chelsea Daft as there is so much to talk about regarding the Stamford Bridge brigade. While Chelsea Daft was very honourable and respectful of some of the antics that have been going on at his club, I get the feeling that it would not take much for things to go out of control and that is kind of amazing seeing where Chelsea were in May this year. But clubs go through bad periods and like Man Utd, Chelsea will battle to try and get back to the top four this season. It is up to clubs like AFCB to put a proverbial spanner in the works and the game this weekend is a great opportunity for AFCB players to test themselves against the very best. Many thanks to Chelsea Daft, make sure you check out the site to see how their fans are viewing the build up to this clash.

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