Monday, 21 December 2015

Three wins in a row - AFCB are in a good place

AFCB are rolling high with three back to back wins in the Premier League. It's funny that as the Cherries climb the table the less the spotlight seems to fall on them. The TV cameras like the plucky underdogs, but when the underdogs start winning consistently it becomes less attractive if they are not struggling to keep out of the bottom three.
AFCB know that they can beat teams now in the Premier League.
Nine points from nine though is a fantastic return so far in December. It is a trend that is going to be put under pressure in the next two games for sure, but there is no need for the Cherries to feel that they can't get something from their remaining fixtures in December. They have points in the bag now and every time they can build on that they will edge further away from danger. It has to be a good feeling for the players considering where the club was sitting at the start of November.

The confidence around Dean Court has changed. The motto of "Together Anything is Possible," is raising its head again and it's great to see. What is possible this season is of course yet to be written, but AFCB supporters may find themselves in the enviable position of looking to see just what kind of points total they can post above mid-table. The sky should be the limit for their ambitions.

We've seen by the type of football that has been played by AFCB this season that when they are on their game they really can beat anyone. Attitudes have not really changed that much towards the team yet though. They might have beaten some big teams and yet there have been reasons put in front of people to say well the opposition had their problems too. But AFCB can only beat what is in front of them. Will it take victories against Crystal Palace and Arsenal to change opinions? I'm not sure, but if AFCB can continue this uneaten run they will soon start winning more admirers and that has been on of the aims for this season.

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