Friday, 11 December 2015

Can AFCB climb up the league?

The league position of the Cherries is still hanging near the relegation line and there is no quick way to fix that apart from by keeping on winning games. With three wins now under the belt and to take down a Chelsea side that will be playing in the European Champions League this week, the Premier League is starting to take on a new look for AFCB players. It no longer has to be a worry of how many points they can get but a goal to see how many teams they can outplay and take three points from and they can have fun doing it as well. The rest will take care of itself.
Captain Simon Francis will be looking to keep the unbeaten run going.
The positivity generating in the last few games is now a catalyst for improvement. The players have been working hard on parts of their game that were not standing up to the Premier League test. Now some of those things are changing. When the players have been fouled and feel pain they are taking a break to catch their breath and manage the game. They have managed to score late and hold on to a win, as well as recovering from what seemed a lost position against a team at home. You can't just teach players how to do that. They have to graft and go through experiences, feeling the pain of defeat and the excitement of big wins to find ways of keeping a good run going when it comes.

Four points from the last two games is a significant advance in how the team will feel inside and how they will be viewed by forthcoming opponents. We've seen that the top sides can be beaten on any day and that has made it very hard to predict matches this season. Having seen teams like West Ham and Leicester City, who the Cherries have played well against, still sitting high in the table kind of suggests that the Cherries should start adding more points to their total no matter who they are up against. Suddenly AFCB are becoming a side that are not so pleasing for teams to come up against.

As the mentality and physical side of the Cherries game is coming together I'm excited to see how much better the players can do now. The tests are getting harder but that is what the players want.

You can also read more of my comments in an interview I did to preview the AFCB v Man Utd game with The United pages.

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