Thursday, 17 December 2015

Murray is a good fit for AFCB

The way Glenn Murray has come into the squad and accepted his role has been well appreciated by the fans. As a well-established Premier League player he could have expected to be an almost automatic starter in this AFCB side but he has shown that he knows he has to work to get in this side and he seems to have embraced what his team mates are all about and is just pleased to be able to help when he can.

Glenn has certainly been saying the right thing both on and off the pitch. His knack of scoring goals may have deserted him against Man Utd, but it was good to see him getting into such great positions to score, and I get the feeling that at some stage this season we will see a Murray hat-trick as he finds it so easy to fin himself on the end of moves from this side.
Glenn has been a welcome addition to the squad.
That is not only down to the way the team has been playing but Glenn's experience of knowing where he needs to be at the right time. It is a two-way thing of getting to know a new player and the team is starting to see what Glenn needs now as well as the other way around. He is getting shots at goal and that is all you can ask at first. The greater understanding of how the team plays as a whole though and how he should fit in is also coming and it will get better with the more games he plays.

It appears as though Eddie has settled on playing one up front for the time being and Josh King is the first pick. It is games though where the Cherries have not got ahead and need a goal where Glenn will come into his own. He is a match winner and he is the perfect plan B when Eddie needs him and we haven't had many plan B's in recent years.

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