Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Finding solutions is earning points for the Cherries

Eddie Howe talked about how the team is finding solutions, where perhaps it was not adapting quickly enough in earlier games. It is true that AFCB have been growing into the Premier League and have found a fast way of playing without Callum Wilson. Against WBA the speed of attack was important to get away from the tight marking and even with Josh King sidelined moments before the game, Eddie Howe was going to find a way for Glenn Murray to have an equally big impact in the game as a late replacement.
At WBA, Eddie Howe was able to bring Glenn Murray in and play to his strengths.
It seems that every week there is a new problem thrown at the Cherries to make the games just that bit more difficult. This was the second time this season when a player was not happy during the warm up. Artur Boruc felt things going wrong when getting ready to play Man City and Josh King knew he was not right to take on WBA. I can't imagine what panic goes through the staff on the touchline when their game plan for the day suddenly has to be altered, especially when an outfield player change is required.

With so many players out though it has been a plaster and repair job for the Cherries. It was not perhaps the best of times to take on a side like WBA who are going to strain that element of the game more than most, but whereas AFCB might have buckled back in October against such a side there was no sign of that at the Hawthorns. Playing against 10 men was also a reason to adjust the original plan for the game against WBA. 

Every time the Cherries come up with new solutions they will add that to their experiences. There will be similar situations again when they can then fallback on what they have gone through before andI believe this is why Eddie Howe is so confident that the Cherries will have a stronger second half to the season.

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