Thursday, 10 December 2015

Boruc has to keep to the standard he produced at Stamford Bridge

While many AFCB fans will say Artur Boruc is the club's No 1 goalkeeper and should be performing at a level that is consistent in the Premier League, even experienced keepers have dips and highs in form and Artur really needed to get a good game under his belt. The pressure on him was enormous as he walked out o to the pitch having not played since the defeat to Spurs in October. Jason Tindall even commented before the game that he is still not 100 per cent fit having not training much.

Artur peaked at Chelsea but can he maintain that standard?
So how do you balance that background coming into the Chelsea match with the amazing performance we saw? I'd say that Boruc had something to prove, not only to Eddie Howe and to the fans and teammates, but also to himself. Some people are their own worse critics and as a goalkeeper it is a difficult job on the best of weeks, but recovering from a game where you are basically throwing the ball in your own net (I'll use that description from Danny Murphy on MOD) to a match against the Champions who are playing at home, shows character.

Artur did not only make no mistakes, his saves were precise and very safe saves. He was catching everything that came near him and when a keeper is in that kind of form it is far easier to get the clean sheets. Chelsea threw everything at Boruc. Hazard, Pedro and Willian could not have tried harder and even when there were six Chelsea shots on target, Boruc could pull out the stops when he needed to.

Like everyone else, I expect Boruc needs to feel appreciated and when he gets that kind of respect he walks 10cm taller. At the moment you probably need a step ladder to have a conversation with him, but seriously he has to have a big season if the Cherries are to do well and while he has had some poor weeks it is great for the team that he is back on it again.

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