Monday, 14 December 2015

Chelsea and Man Utd at the double

Back to back wins might not have been expected against Chelsea and Man Utd, but there is no team in the Premier League that should feel they are above getting beaten by Eddie Howe's side. A side that works harder and runs to the end of every game is going to be a team that gets points if they turn out with that desire week after week, and Eddie Howe knew it was coming after the kind of performances we could see against Newcastle and Swansea.

That the wins came against Chelsea and Man Utd is perhaps less to do with what problems those top teams had at the time, but more to do with how AFCB had started to find out what was working best for them. The tide certainly turned when Junior Stanislas turned in a 97th minute equaliser against Everton at home a few weeks ago. The Cherries were defiant that they were not going to get beaten again and that has really galvanised something special once again that is transmitting itself through the side.
The springboard is in place now for AFCB to excel in the Premier League.
The energy and passion have always been there, but it needed something to get the players excited and playing in a way that saw them win the Championship last season. They have now found that winning feeling again and I don't believe it matters who they have in front of them. WBA will be no less a game to win than the last two with three points on offer and the message this week will be to keep the levels just as high against a mid-table side as against those that are the heavyweights of the Premier League. Those wins against Man Utd and Chelsea won't mean as much if the side does not back it up with a result against WBA and the players should be proud of their unbeaten run which they can now look to extend to five games. 

Listening back to Eddie Howe's words after the win against Man Utd said it all when he was asked to describe his feelings: "It's been an amazing week for the football club and for everybody connected with the football club. I don't think we have had a week like this. It's difficult to take in at the moment."

Take it in though, we have as fans and like Eddie and the players we are hungry for more!

If you'd like to remind yourself again that AFCB really did beat Man Utd on Saturday, do listen in to the review by Michael Dunne on All Departments. Visit the All Departments' website or scroll down the panel on Cherry Chimes until you get to the sound bar for All Departments.

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