Thursday, 24 December 2015

Should the Cherries' target change after recent wins?

We've all heard Claudio Reniera reiterate that it is 40 points that Leicester City are aiming for and that he'll reassesses what the team is capable after that. For those slightly lower down the table like AFCB, the sound of 40 points sounds like heaven indeed and it will be Eddie Howe's target to get to that kind of points total as soon as possible, no matter how great it may feel inside to know the team have just beaten Chelsea and Man Utd, as those wins will mean nothing if the Cherries don't get enough points to stay up.

So far the Cherries have five wins and if they can get another five as quickly as they can that will be most of the points they need to stay up. Considering that we are not quite at half way through the season, the Cherries are keeping up with the challenge of a point a game and could soon close the gap on some of the mid-table teams that are starting to look more vulnerable. West Brom and Southampton have to be the next sides that the Cherries look to get ahead.
The Cherries are only look up the table.
It is important that AFCB put their foot down now and try and keep this winning run going for as long as they can. There are many hard games coming up and every win against one of the top six is going to put more and more pressure on those teams beneath the Cherries. Setting a realistic goal over the next three games is going to be difficult as they are all massive games, even with just one win in the next three games before taking on Birmingham in the FA Cup would keep AFCB above the point a game schedule.

Whether the fact that the team has won some really big matches begins to catch up with them is something that Eddie will also have to watch out for. There are a few more injuries now and it may mean that there has to be some freshening up and that could mean a more active transfer window for the Cherries than we had thought a few weeks ago. The improvement in the side's league position makes the a more attractive club for players to now think about joining, and I have my fingers crossed for some quality signings to help AFCB reach a much higher points total than most of us could have dreamt about back in August.

Financial Fair Play sanction
The Football League has announced that initial analysis reveals that AFC Bournemouth will face a financial sanction following its 2014/15 season in the Championship for exceeding the Financial Fair Play tolerance. AFCB states that it is engaged in positive dialogue with the Football league to reach a satisfactory outcome.

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