Monday, 21 December 2015

It's best for Josh King to get fully fit

I managed to see quite early on that Josh King was not going to start against WBA. The AFC Bournemouth official tweet channel was quick to release the information and I was gutted more than most having picked him to captain my fantasy league side and played my triple points card! Still, I don't want another serious injury and if Josh King was not feeling 100 per cent it was best for the team that he pulled out before doing any long term damage.
Josh King has to get himself right to play.
The Cherries have enough problems without adding to them with an early substitution in a crunch game I thought. Josh was honest enough to do the right thing though and I applaud him for that. While it was probably a shock to Glenn Murray to suddenly find himself getting ready to start, he is a professional with a lot of experience for such a situation. It did not surprise me that Glenn would relish the task of battling with the WBA defenders and it might have been the perfect game for him to show how strong he is, especially if Josh might have found it difficult to escape the attentions of Jonas Olsson in particular.

Josh really has to make sure he is 100 per cent fit now. He has done brilliantly in the games against Man Utd and Chelsea and there is no doubt that the Cherries look a very dynamic side when he is leading the line and Eddie would want him back for the Christmas games if at all possible. Josh has to be protected more than most though with Callum Wilson already out for a long period. In January it is likely that Eddie will have to bring another striker in, but finding the right striker and convincing him that he should join the Cherries is not going to be simple in a January window. 

Josh has just begun to really look at home in the number 9 role and in a way it will be a shame to take that away from him, but it may be that Glenn Murray is now preferred in the next game against his former club if there is still some worries about King breaking down in these vital games. 

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