Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Murray's famous goal

Glenn Murray does what he does best when he ran on to the field against Chelsea. He might not have had much time to put his studs in the turf at Stamford Bridge, but he sensed a possible goal opportunity when Steve Cook slid in to try and keep the ball alive in the box. It was a striker's eagerness to get on the score sheet that made him get to the ball first and to head into the Chelsea net. He would not have had much time to think about what he needed to do and getting in front of Charlie Daniels - it was just a natural movement for him to get on the end of the cross. That instinct is what could make Glenn Murray vital in Bournemouth's attempt to stay up this season.

When watching Glenn, there is an element of feeling that he could snatch a goal no matter how the team is playing. I like that simple love of a goalscorer to snatch chances when they pop up out of nothing. I don't see any of the other strikers in the squad having that particular talent, although Brett Pitman was probably as close to being such a player that the club has had in recent seasons. Instinct is a great asset for a striker.

When Glenn is on the field there is a sense
that he'll score given just half a chance.
Fitting Murray into the team is not a simple fit though. This could change as Murray gets more in tune with the Cherries flowing play and intricate moves, but in a way I think it is best if he just does what he does best and does not feel to concerned how often he starts, as Eddie will know when he can offer something that the others can't.

Against Chelsea it was quite a late appearance for Glenn, but he does not need many seconds to pounce on a chance. His experience in getting vital goals is well established and so it should not be surprising that Eddie Howe sees Glenn as a weapon to use when games are tight. You know when the ball breaks to Murray that he is going to have a shot if he can, and that single-mindedness is helpful at times when other players are taking too long over their decision making. Glenn is direct and knows where the goal is. While I was not sure how he would fit in with the team, I can see why Eddie wanted to bring him in as an out and out goalscorer and in netting three times already, Glenn is doing just fine.

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