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Nine-man Baggies beaten by Cherries 1-2

Match Description
19 December 2015
Attendance: 26,127

The Cherries went into this game knowing that a win would bring them just a point behind WBA in the table. The first half saw great dominance from AFCB and that was aided when James went in on Adam Smith looking for some retribution after he was not given a free kick. Referee Mike Dean wasted no time in showing McClean a straight red and WBA had a huge task to hold on for the rest of the match with the Cherries getting stronger and stronger as the game went on. Despite no goals in the first half it was a matter of time before a break through would surely come and if anything WBA started the stronger in the second half. It was Adam Smith though that came up with the goal with a low drive that found the bottom corner and the Cherries started to look comfortable for a short while. That all changed with just 11 minutes to go when they succumbed to a goal from a set piece with McAuley heading past Boruc. This game was not done though and the Cherries' fighting spirit came through again with Dan Gosling winning a penalty after a strong run into the box. With no regular penalty taker on the pitch for AFCB, Charlie Daniels took responsibility and smashed the shot home off the cross bar to make it 1-2. There was still time for Rondon to get sent off in extra time as the Baggies bad tempered reaction took them down to nine men. It was a bruising encounter but the Cherries showed they can stand up to the rough treatment.

Eddie Howe decided to keep an unchanged team for this game, but then Josh King felt his hamstring twinge minutes before the start of the game and was replaced by Glenn Murray just moments before kick-off.  Harry Arter was fine to play though following on from his man of the match performance against Man Utd and Shaun MacDonald was brought on to the bench with Josh pulling out of the squad. Tony Pulis also named an unchanged team which meant Saido Berahino remained on the bench along with Callum McManaman, Stephane Sessegnon and Rickie Lambert.

Jason Tindall gives the team news.

Match Description: listening to BBC Radio Solent with Kris Temple and Willo

The Cherries had early possession but Stanislas put the ball out of play. Gosling finds his pass cut out. Surman and Stanislas now get on the ball and Stanislas shoots and Myhill turns it away for the throw in. 

Adam Smith now with McClean in pursuit. Boruc has the ball. Murray is offside. WBA have a shot from a long way out, Morrison but it is wide!

Olson makes a mistake but Myhill is there in time - 4 minutes gone.  Rondon now on the left. McClean and Brunt at left back.  "Pulis is in brand new white trainers," says Kris Temple - an early Xmas present?

WBA 4-1-4-1 says Willo. Daniels is on a run but Dawson covers. Daniels wins a free kick. Stanislas only finds Myhill with his cross - six and half minutes gone. Boruc plays it out from the back. Arter is on the ball and Gosling, but Morrison wins the ball before Evans loses it.

Ritchie on the far side. Arter over to Daniels but  Gardner wins it. Fletcher loses it to Gosling, Murray and a shot gets a deflection for the first corner. "AFCB have started the brighter," says Willo.
In cones the corner on 10 minutes but it is flat and Gardner clears.

Murray over the top against Olsson. Thrown in to the Cherries. Adam Smith attacks with Ritchie looking for Stanislas but Myhill is there first. AFCB having a bit of possession.  Stanislas on the right to Adam Smith and Ritchie, square to Arter and now Daniels on the left. Gosling square to Ritchie and Smith, Stanislas crosses but it's cleared.

Daniels direct drives one. Deflected for the second corner! "Come on Bournemouth," shout the crowd. Matt Ritchie to take. Headed away by Chris Brunt. Francis put in trouble by Smith but Boruc clears. AFCB looking confident on the ball but Adam Smith needs to take a bit more care.

Murray lay off and Ritchie has it. Smith into box with Gosling and Ritchie but it's a goal kick. Too much on that from Gosling. Daniels puts the ball out for a WBA throw - 15 minutes gone. Morrison and Fletcher to Olsson. It's long but Francis puts it out. Rondon keeps the ball 30 yards out. Stanislas has it on the break. Gosling asks too much of Ritchie and Brunt wins a free kick. "Ritchie is on 4 yellow cards and Gosling," says Kris Temple as a reminder.

Brunt puts the ball straight out. Surman to Murray and Ritchie. Stanislas on half way diagonal to Ritchie. Smith drives the ball int the keepers hands on the overlap. McClean's lost it. Rondon has it snatched off him by Surman - 20 minutes gone. Gardner is fouled by Stanislas and wins a free kick.

"Get your tin hats on," says Willo. All the biggens are up for this one. Gardner puts it in and it skips through everyone to Olsson who wins a throw in after a couple of step overs. WBA have it in the centre circle.  AFCB have a goal kick.

"I was a bit concerned with the wind but not the rain," says Willo. "Two cracks at goal but both into the keepers chest. Still we've been the better team."

Arter wins a throw. Cook on the near side but Morrison has it over to Rondon but Surman slows it all down and brings it away. "Got ourselves out of a right mess there," says Willo.

Cherries fans making some noise. Arter has been quiet but is on the ball.  Gosling has the ball. Arter drifts in field. Francis looks for Gosling but McAuley thwarts it. A 40 pass sequence from the Cherries there. "Great stuff to watch," says Willo.

Smith back to Ritchie. Brunt clears. WBA have a free kick for a foul by Adam Smith. Brunt puts it in. Volleyed by Gardner. Now McClean and Gosling brings it away and is clipped. Boruc restarts - 28 minutes gone.

WBA break with Dawson but Daniels nullifies the threat. McAuley and Fletcher under sells the ball again. Boruc pings the ball up to Cook. Stanislas now. Arter against Fletcher. Boruc long and it's through to Myhill who shanks it out of play. 30 minutes gone. 

Smith slides in on McClean. Floodlights full on. Morrison and Fletcher who gives the ball away yet again. Arter and Surman up to Ritchie on the right who wins a throw. Arter now but Stanislas plays a loose pass. Stanislas tracks back to win the ball.

Francis up to Arter. Murray to Golsing in the box but he is out fought by McAuley. The final ball is just the missing ingredient at the moment. James McClean is down. And McClean has gone launching in on Smith and Smith is in a heap - it's a red card! McClean sent off! "Smith saw it coming and just took some evasive action, but it was a dreadful challenge, " said Willo. "Thuggery!" says Temple.

Adam Smith is getting attention. Arter strikes a player with his shot Daniels follows up but it's over on the half volley! gosling and Arter and another cynical foul by Evans - yellow card!

Ritchie across goal but it breaks out to the far side of the box. Smith now to Gosling. Daniels into box one two and runs out of room! "Why not the shot on the second touch?" says Willo.

Olsson pushes Murray over. A quick free kick. Stanislas to Surman. Smith and Brunt clears. Arter over to Smith slide pass to Ritcie. Smith again heels to Surman. Gosling and Arter. Surman and Brunt heads away. Golsing in box pulls back Stanislas leaves it but there is no one behind him! "Great run though by Dan Golsing," says Willo.

Two minutes to the break. Lovely turn by Murray but did not catch it right and it's into the keeper's hands. Cook escapes Rondon. Daniels forward. Stanislas cross just to high for Murray and Ritchie heads wide! 

WBA taking ages over the goal kick. Surman wins the header. Arter to Smith. Two minutes of extra time. Ritchie to Smith. and Ritchie again but Evans shuts the door. "We are really pulling them apart," says Willo but it's still 0-0.

Arter no space and Surman loses his footing. Golsing on half way. Arter on the near side, but the ball is out. Half time 0-0. AFCB have had 74 per cent possession, seven shots and two on target. WBA have had 26 per cent possession, one shot and none on target.

Second Half
Sessegnon is on and Morrsion is off for WBA. The Baggies win a free kick 25 yards out. Headed away by Smith. Rondon appealing for handball. Ritchie comes away with the ball. Surman out to Smith.  Arter to Stanislas. 

WBA have switched to five in midfield. Brunt is blocking people. Ritchie and Surman to Murray and Olsson clears. Sessegnon looks for Rondon. Sessegnon crosses but Francis heads the ball up and Cook clears. McAuley attack and Rondon shoots top corner - Boruc makes a world class save! "He threw up his left hand and made a great save," says Temple.

WBA corner by Brunt. Bruc is in the ground but Stanislas clears. Sessegnon against Daniels but the tackle is good from Daniels - four minutes one of the second half. Stanislas and Surman in midfield. Smith runs at Brunt. Ricthie on the wing, Arter and Stanislas but Gosling has lost it.  Left footed shot from Smith and it's 0-1 to AFCB! 52 minutes gone.

"So many times in the recent seasons it's Adam Smith who has come to the rescue- hard and low - fantastic strike!" says Willo "That was a bouncer and a bomber," says Temple.

Francis back to the keeper. "Adam,Adam Smith," is the cry from the crowd. Stanislas on his right foot but Murray is offside.

Smith in the box. Ritchie now. Daniels and Arter. Stanislas thought about a shot but it goes wide and Evans fouls Ritchie. Right of centre 23 yards out. Surman for Ritchie deflected and it's a corner. "Too telegraphed that one," says Temple.

Corner to the Cherries. Cook gets a header on it and Daniels tussled for it but it's a free kick to WBA. Brunt almost catches Francis but Cook gets the ball clear. Surman to the far side. Daniels wins a throw.

"WBA fourth lowest scorers in the Premier League," says Kris Temple - 16 in 16 games. It's all about whether AFCB can get a second goal. Rickie Lambert is warming up for WBA - maybe Pulis' last throw of the dice.

We've played an hour. It would be Tony Pulis 100th defeat if he loses this Premier league game from 251 matches. AFCB win a corner. Rondon is playing everyone on side, he is down. But the Cherries put the ball out.

Adam Smith to Arter and Surman. Stanislas on the wing and AFCB have a throw. Darren Fletcher gets a yellow card for chatting back. Rondon is dispossessed. Arter over to Stanislas. Surman finds Gosling. Smith in field and Brunt blocks Smith off the ball. Boruc plays the ball to Cook but it's straight out.

WBA throw. Dawson up to Rondon in deep over to Brunt. Evans holds it up and a flick from Brunt and AFCB have a throw. Stanislas gives the ball away to Sessegnon. Rondon and Francis blocks. Gardner to Sessegnon held up by Daniels. 

Rondon shoulders off Francis but his cross is straight to Boruc. Smith puts in a cross to Stanislas into the box shoots low and Myhill turns it past the post! Corner to AFCB. Marc Pugh is on for Stanislas. The Cherries try to take the corner early but the sub is not on yet!

Stanislas has to stay on for the corner. Headed away by Olsson and another corner. Now AFCB can make the substitution. 20 minutes to play. McAuley wins the header in front of Murray. The Cherries have a free kick. Ritchie comes into the near post and another corner.

Pugh and Daniels is offside - badly worked. Olsson and Murray in pursuit. Sessegnon making progress and Brunt's cross but Cook is there to clear with a diving header - saved his team. Corner to WBA. Left footed in swinger. It ends up in the side netting and another corner. Murray had his arms near the ball  but no penalty.

Far post and Ritchie comes away with it. Rondon has a header but Francis clears. Brunt is subbed for Lambert. Sessegnon runs into Ritchie.  Dawson up to Lambert. Evans on the ball. Adam Smith and Rondon and the ball goes out.

Yann Kermorgant is also coming on for Murray after 75 minutes. Cross from the left and Francis clears. "It's gone a bit edgy for me," says Willo. Lots of crosses coming in from WBA and the Cherries are making hurried clearances.

A tense last 13 minutes perhaps. Sessegnon picks it up. Smith pushes him over and the referee gives a goal kick - a dive. Surman blocks Dawson's cross and it's another WBA corner. A right footed in swinger this time from Gardner and a goal is scored - Garth McAuley heads it in despite Boruc's best efforts. The scoreboard now shows 1-1. Did Rondon get a touch on that or does it hit the post? It's miles over the line. 79 minutes gone.

Gosling now and Evans goes racing in. Arter goes for a shot but it loops wide. Lambert controls the ball. Daniels has it and it's a throw off Sessegnon. Arter wins the ball off Fletcher. Gosling is caught by Sessegnon. The free kick is 40 yards out.

Another sub. Rantie is coming on for Arter after 82 minutes. Rantie is in his blue boots. Rantie wants the wall pushed back. Ritchie cannons it in to Olsson. Evans brings the ball away. WBA have a free kick off of Francis on Fletcher.

Gardner drives one to the back post and Dawson heads wide! "I don't know how he missed," said Willo. 

Evans curves the ball out of play. Daniels to Rantie checks back on the edge of the box. Daniels on the byline wins a corner. Too high for Kermorgant. Gosling now through the middle - penalty! "Fletcher has had a horrible afternoon," says Kris Temple.

Charlie Daniels has the ball. In off the top of the crossbar!! "You could not have saved that if you had two keeps," says Willo. "The foul was just on the line but definitely a penalty," says Willo.

Just three minutes of normal time and some extra time to come. Rantie knocks Olsson over. Gosling gets his clearance wrong. Smith clears. ball into the Cherries box. Francis slips.  Body on the line. Rantie is blocked off.

Into the 90th minute. Fletcher slips. Rantie, Kermorgant and Pugh - trade mark turn on to his left but Myhill saves! Cook now makes a great tackle at the other end.

WBA sub. Berhino comes on for Fletcher.  Four minutes of extra time. Pugh in his own half to Rantie who wriggles away. Gosling in WBA half. Over to the corner flag. Pugh risky ball. Smith bails him out. Smith shoots and Myhill saves with Rantie on the prowl.

Lambert and Rondon, but Cook blocks. Rantie to Ritchie into Baggies territory.  Evans gives away a free kick. "Olsson is trying to roll Ritchie off the pitch," says Temple.

Rantie has it and Gosling. Ritchie in the corner against Evans. Evans kicks Ritchie. Long ball for Berahino and Cook clears. Rantie goes to close down the space. Rondon headbutt? nasty tackle on Gosling. Red card for Rondon! Stoppage time and WBA are down to nine players.

Radio communication with the ref. Adam Smith has a yellow card too.  WBA throw. Evans cross and Rantie chases. Evans miscues and Smith clears. Myhill now. six minutes of added time gone. Evans takes a throw. That's it - 1-2 and the Cherries win at the Hawthorns for the first time!

WBA made it hard and even with 10 men they were well in this game when they came out for a fight in the second half. This was a battle and while two defenders got the goals for AFCB it was a big performance by the team in red and black. UTCIAD!

AFCB: Boruc, Smith, Francis, Cook, Daniels, Arter (Rantie 82), Gosling, Surman, Stanislas (Pugh 70), Ritchie, Murray (Kermorgant 75).

Cherries Subs: Federici, Distin, O'Kane, Pugh, Kermorgant, Rantie, MacDonald.

Myhill, McAuley, Dawson, Olsson, Brunt (Lambert 74), Evans, Gardner, Fletcher (Berahino), Morrison (Sessegnon 45), McClean, RondΓ³n

WBA Subs
Chester, Anichebe, Lambert, Berahino, McManaman, Lindegaard, Sessegnon

Referee: Mike Dean

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