Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Junior finds the luck AFCB needed

Junior Stanislas had a very memorable game against Man Utd. He may not have got everything right but he is making things happen. The ball was a bit like a magnet to him on Saturday and he can't have wished for a better start than he gave the team. He has been a player that has always been good from set pieces and along with Ritchie, AFCB have a couple of amazing strikers of the dead ball.
Junior and Glenn are getting some luck in front of goal.
The high intensity that the Cherries play with perhaps does not always mean that things always come off as well as they might. It is quick and yet controlled play that Eddie Howe wants from his team and that can often become hurried and rushed when it does not quite work. Repetition and familiarity are starting to pay off though and Junior is one of those players who can put into practise in a game what he does in training.

The movement of Junior has been a big factor in the Cherries looking more threatening in front of gaol. Like Josh King, Junior has to get better at finishing and his one-on-one test in the Man Utd game with David de Gea may not have come off, but it was his positivity of trying to go around the keeper that I was most impressed with. He might have tried to shoot from distance a few weeks ago, but by being daring, he commits others. AFCB players were trying to get the ball to Junior all the time as he was making things happen.

Junior won't have been so delighted to his early back pass that found Martial rather than Surman, but even that worked out luckily for AFCB. You create your own luck they so though and the early goal that Junior scored from the corner was something that I am sure Junior practises in the rain in the week over and over again. Things come off for you when you keep at it and Junior will now be feeling much more part of the team having scored five goals already this season which equals the fast start of Callum Wilson now.

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