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AFCB win on the road as Donny are outclassed

Doncaster Rovers 0 v 1 AFCB
31 August 2013
Attendance: 6769 (290 AFCB fans)

The Cherries made four changes for the Doncaster Rovers game. Eddie chose the 4-4-2 formation which has served the team so well at home. In came Charlie Daniels as expected to replace Ian Harte on his 36th birthday (sorry Ian), and Ward was joined by Cook with Elphick and Surman dropping to the bench. Arter also came back into the team along with Lewis Grabban. Hughes did not make the squad having started the previous game. While I felt that Eddie Howe may go more defensive for this game considering he has not yet picked up any points on the road it appeared that he was out to go and take the game to Doncaster by playing two strikers from the start. Francis took back the captaincy.

Before the game Eddie Howe described Doncaster as a hard working, strong physical and resolute side with some quality added over the summer. He was pleased with where AFCB are before this game with the team having had a number of injuries that are now clearing up.

Match description
Listening to BBC Radio Solent
First half
AFCB came out wearing a mix of their away kit and third kit with black shirts and white socks and shorts. Bournemouth started attacking early from the left with Coterill clearing a Daniels cross. Pugh and Daniels were getting some nice early touches. From a Daniels free kick the ball landed for Cook and then Ward, but he had his shot deflected for a corner. A second corner followed after 3 minutes - a left footed in swinger. Arter had a shot but it was cleared. Doncaster made a sweeping counter attack. Coppinger and Brown made the breakaway, but Daniels headed away and Francis blocked out further Doncaster passes.

Arter was getting stuck in on Wabara, but the referee did not give a free kick. Macca was more lucky, picking up an unfair challenge and a free kick. Turnbull lost the ball from the kick in to the box with Pitman lurking, but AFCB did not get a shot in. It had been a bright start by AFCB.

Arter came marauding forward and hit a shot wide left of Doncaster's goal. This was looking good for AFCB. The battle that was already showing as a major one was Fraser against Husband with both players being quick across the ground. Pugh crossed to Grabban, Fraser in support who drove the ball across, but the keeper grabbed the ball in front of Pitman.

Fraser then gave away a free kick on Husband to ironic cheers from Doncaster fans who had not had many decisions go there way so far. With 12 minutes gone Doncaster were in possession with Brown and he managed to win a corner. The ball was taken short but Arter broke with Fraser and Grabban had a shot that Turnbull saved.

Ward was doing some busy defending, winning lots of headers. Cook also was putting his body on the line with strong challenges from Brown and play stopped for Cook after his head injury. Grabban forced a corner on the right hand side on 18 minutes, which Daniels than took but it was headed away.

Daniels crossed to Pitman from the left who hits the bar with his header and Turnbull know where near it. A free kick followed with Pitman standing over the ball with Daniels in the wall. A deflection from the wall gave AFCB another corner which Keegan cleared.

Brown's break away is quickly smothered by Cook. Almost half way through the first half and its all AFCB. Doncaster do get a chance though with Coterill passing to Coppinger who does not get his shot on target.

Husband was doing very well keeping out Fraser as he sent another ball out for a corner after 25 minutes. Grabban thinks about an overhead, but Doncaster comes away with it. Allsop has been a bit of a spectator so far - I'm so glad to hear that.

Steve Cook is pulled up for a handball and Donny are awarded a free kick, but Pitman clears to half way. Coterill had a shot on the turn, which Allsop gathered in easily. Pitman is coming deep when he has to. Husband fouled Fraser again and picks up a yellow as AFCB look to profit. Daniels takes the kick and Pitman claims a touch on his chest and it's 0:1 to the Cherries! 31 minutes gone. There was some dispute as to whether it should be Daniels' goal, Ward's goal or even an own goal, but Pitman wanted to claim it. After feedback, it turns out to be a Husband own goal.

Doncaster came back with Keegan having an attack but his shot went over. Pugh was out muscled by Coppinger and Doncaster are away. Daniels had to clip the ball out. Pugh put in a ball for Fraser, Pitman has a miscue. Coterill was next to foul Fraser by running across his path. Paul Dickov was very animated  about the decision. The kick went to the back post but the keeper was given a free kick as AFCB players came in.

Coterill then has a late challenge on Arter and is booked. Dickov is held back by his coaching staff! It's all kicking off. The home crowd very upset at how things are going - simmer down, simmer down!

Pitman doing his chasing back as always. Husband's cross is headed out by MacDonald, but Wellens is tripped and Donny have a free kick 30 yards out. The kick taken by Keegan hits the wall. Allsop is doing his time wasting tactic. The crowd get noisy and he is given a yellow.

Arter with options, shadowed by Coterill and Khumalo gets the block in. Pitman was next to go in the book a yellow for a challenge on Husband. That is Pitman's third yellow - one more than Arter! Allsop has to come out in front of Coterill, brave but he gets a knee injury and Cook puts it out  for a corner to Doncaster. Two minutes of extra time.

The corner comes from the right from Coterill, Pugh gets it away. The ball is soon back though for another corner. Coterill from the left and Pitman clears to Wabara, who crossed to Brown but MacDonald clears. Allsop then makes a save and another corner, which is put over the bar, by AFCB and another corner. Half time! Donaster feeling very hard done by - I think AFCB know the feeling when we were pipped to the title last season.

Second half
There were no changes at half time. Fraser ran in the box but went down easy, nothing given. Doncaster come forward with Wabara and Coterill but the ball goes well over the bar. Fraser and Husband continued to go at each other. Pugh then gives away a free kick.

Keegan and Wellens have the ball, down the left. Ward gets the ball and sets AFCB away. Daniels and Pugh work their magic on the left, but Robinson and Coterill win the ball back. Keegan is then tackled by Arter, before Cook goes down after Brown gives him a non too friendly hand in his face!

Coterill plays it to Keegan and Coppinger, who find Wellens but he can't keep the ball down and the chance is gone. Francis has had a quiet game mainly because of the influence of Husband. Cook comes across with Robinson threatening. "Fraser and Husband are cancelling each other out," says Willo. Allsop goes to ground after Brown's challenge and the crowd hoot with their disapproval - 12 minutes gone in the second half.

Fraser crosses and Elliott Ward does a great drag back, but his shot is blocked for a corner. Every one is marvelling at the centre backs turn which was as good as any forward could do - look out for that on the Football League Show tonight. Jones scoops the ball away in front of Grabban and its another corner and Grabban gets up with a good header, but Turnbull saves.

Sub for Doncaster, Paynter comes on for Coterill on 63 minutes. Pugh goes down but no foul is given. Allsop clears in front or Paynter. Robinson's shot goes into a crowd of payers and Allsop collects. Robinson hauls down Pitman and gets a yellow card. the free kick to AFCB is taken by Pitman on the edge of the box 25 yards out, but Turnball saves. Fraser is on the deck but Husband wins the free kick? AFCB thought it was Fraser that was tripped. Oh well.

Mark Duffy is Doncaster's second sub. He comes on for Robinson after 66 minutes. Rovers win a corner off Cook. Coppinger was next to shoot but he hits Brown. AFCB then make a sub with Coulibaly coming on for Fraser after 71 minutes.

Grabban has the ball near the corner flag until Duffy brings it away. The Cherries are defending well now with eight players behind the ball. Coppinger has a shot across the goal but no one gets a touch - Doncaster's best chance. Doncaster come again with Wabara, Coulibaly brings down Husband, but it's just a free kick. The pressure mounting on AFCB with 16 minutes left.

Coppinger takes the kick 30 yards out, but Jones is off side. Just 15 minutes to go and Grabban has a low shot gathered by the keeper. It's a right battle now with players going down all the time. MacDonald is said to be doing loads of defensive work. Coulibaly was starting to get involved now.

Doncaster make their last sub with Wabara coming off for Forrester after 77 minutes. Duffy fills in at right back. Just 11 minutes to go.

Allsop aims for Pitman with his goal kick and Pugh wins a throw. Pugh crosses but Doncaster clear. Coulibaly attacks husband and Grabban heads over, stretching too much. A costly miss! Keegan makes a good clearance as AFCB look to make it two-nil.

Doncaster are playing more directly now, but AFCB had missed some chances to kill the game off. Doncaster have gone three at the back. Pugh is the regular outlet in the second half for the Cherries. Five minutes left now.

Doncaster are throwing everything at AFCB's goal. Arter getting hold of the ball though. Pugh hurdles Duffy, Coulibaly and Grabban lining up for the chance it falls to Pitman, but Khumalo takes it off him. Thomas comes on for Grabban on 89 minutes. Francis and Coulibaly are defending on the right wing well.

Keegan and Husband now send the ball over to Brown, but it's volleyed clear. Three minutes of added time are announced. Jones is pushed forward to Doncaster. Coulibaly pulls the ball back but finds Duffy. MacDonald and Francis clear. Shouts of "We're on our way!" as Elphick comes on for Pugh.

Forrester bombs forward but Coulibaly clears. Every one is waiting for the whistle. Come on Ref!! Yes, three points for the Cherries - whoopie!! That was a battle.

BBC announced after the game that none of the 7000 or so at the game could deny that Doncaster were outclassed today. It was a bruising affair with Ryan Fraser taking much of the punishment, but he like the team stood up to a strong physical team. AFCB should have scored more goals and that is something they will have to look at, but three points on the road is fabulous ahead of the international break. The clear sheet at the other end though will please Eddie Howe even more. It has been a great start to the season for the Cherries with performances improving as the team gets used to the Championship. Nine points from five games is an excellent return. The goals against column is the next thing that needs to be addressed. Sixth in the table - you've got to be happy with that. Willo said "I feel like knocking down the stand." A happy lad.

Allsop, Francis (C), Ward, Cook, Daniels, Fraser (Coulibaly 71), Arter, MacDonald, Pugh (Elphick 90), Grabban (Thomas 89), Pitman.

Flahavan, Harte, Elphick, Coulibaly, Surman, McDermott, Thomas

Doncaster Rovers
Turnbull, Husband, Jones, Coterill (Paynter 64), Khumalo, Keegan, Robinson (Duffy 68), Coppinger, Wellens, Wabara (Forrester 78), Brown

Doncaster Rovers Subs
Maxter,Quinn, Furman, Duffy, Paynter, McCullough, Forrester.

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