Friday, 30 August 2013

Is Eddie Howe about to over achieve?

If you had asked me before the start of the season how AFCB would be doing by the end of August I would probably say that we could have about five points. While we still have the Doncaster game to go on Saturday, Eddie, Jason and the team have already managed six points. If they go on to get a draw or a win against Doncaster, I would find it hard to disagree that AFCB had over achieved in their first month in the Championship.

Considering that AFCB has had two very heavy defeats, it is easy to look upon those games and think that the Cherries are up against it at this level. That is not how Eddie Howe seems to see it. The performances have been good in the main and the team is getting stronger. In a way it will be a shame that the international break is coming up, as I think AFCB has begun to adjust to where it now is.

In our snap poll on the fixtures around this time and into next month, Doncaster was seen as the second hardest after Middlesbrough. They may not have played attractive football last season but they get the job done. Under Dickov they will play more football on the floor and our defence will be tested.

It is all about getting points on the board. Another win would propel AFCB into a solid top 10 position and even a draw would keep them in a good mid-table position. With a new striker and other players coming back AFCB should be in a much better position to keep up the momentum with three home games in September. With nine games then gone, the hard lessons of Watford and Huddersfield may seem a distant memory if the points keep mounting for AFCB.

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