Thursday, 15 August 2013

Keep it tight and mark up

How will Eddie view the game against Wigan now that he knows another second half performance like the one AFCB had against Watford would result in another pummelling? Howe also pointed out though was the whole team gave away the ball just far too easily and in dangerous positions. A good team will always capitalise on that.

So Eddie has to look at what we did so right in the first half, when we kept it tight, used the wings and made simple clearances whenever the opposition threatened. Marking at set pieces is something that will have to be raked over again.

Wigan will also be coming down after suffering a defeat against Man Utd. A 2:0 lost though against such a big team though is pretty respectful. I think that is what hurt Bournemouth fans so much as the weekend. A scoreline of 6:1 was embarrassing even if the players were trying and played excellent in the first 50 minutes or so. The delight was etched on the face of Harry the Hornet for everyone to see.

But the team has to move on and we still have a decent return of 3 points out of 6. Jason Tindall explained that there were positive vibes coming from the camp and let's hope the players can put the defeat behind them quickly. If AFCB win on Saturday and make it two wins out of three we may be scratching our heads again and wondering why the team is brilliant one minute and school boy the next. But that's just it. AFCB is still finding its feet in this league. We have only played two good teams and have managed to get something out of one of them. Now we have another difficult match. 

Eddie has to set up the team in a positive manner and if we do go behind Howe will demand a good response this time.

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