Monday, 26 August 2013

There's nothing better than having a heart to Harte

The interview with Steve Cook on AFCB's Cherry Player website before the Huddersfield home was quite revealing with Cookie talking about Elliott Ward and Ian Harte. I especially liked the way he mused about Ian Harte and his passion to talk to other players. I get the feeling that Ian might be a bit of a joker and keeps himself in high spirits which is great for the camp. I could say that we have another Steve Fletcher on our hands, but there's nothing wrong if you like the sound of your own voice and you have lots to say that can help your fellow professionals. 

The youthful glances that Steve Cook gave were terrific when he thought about the two experience defenders that have joined up with the Cherries this summer. The tales that Ian Harte must be able to tell may well open the eyes of our less experienced team members, but it must be a big bonus to have Ward and Harte showing you what has worked for them and what they try never to do in certain situations. 

You could see that Steve Cook regards such players with great respect and wants to learn from what they can teach him. I always feel that listening some times is a bit of a forgotten art. You need to know when to keep quiet and let others speak and for a footballer, who is like a sponge soaking up such information from some of the players that have played at the top level, their game can only get better if they listen well.

I do like the way that AFCB takes on the challenge with every one being in the challenge together and even as a fan I feel part of that. My love in particular is to hang on every word of Eddie Howe. You can' help but want to listen to everything he says in those post match interviews. Everyone likes a winner and it seems that we have a club that feeds off each other in this respect - long may it continue.

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