Friday, 9 August 2013

Competition every where except up front

Eunan O'Kane is the latest player to say he is raring to go and wants his place in the starting line up at AFCB. We have an embarrassment of riches in midfield and in defence and we still have Wes Fogden and Matt Ritchie to come back along with Josh McQuoid.

The difficulty is that Eddie Howe can't play 20 players in each match much as he may like to. The central midfield battle is the same as last season with Arter, O'Kane and MacDonald struggling to get one of two places. In the Capital One Cup first round, Eddie did decide to put three players in there and Richard Hughes squeezed into the team. It is not yet clear how many games Stephen Purches will be able to lay but he also will want to keep his game time up.

Stockley is likely to go out on loan again.

It is the front line that where we have all the problems for the moment. When McQuoid comes back we will not look quite so thin up front, but if Stockley is to go out on loan to a League Two club we could do with another name to put the ball away. Pushing Coulibaly up front is another option, but I expect Eddie would like a Billy Sharp or similar striker addition. I have also heard that Wes Thomas is said to be a target of Swindon Town, so could we be looking to get two strikers in?

I am watching the transfer window with some hope as we get nearer to 30 August. Some of our players will be loaned out but is there a big star about to come to Dean Court?

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  1. With talk of Wes Thomas being chased by Swindle, IF that were to come about, we'd need TWO more strikers, if we don't already. Signing quality in this position is proving VERY tough it would seem. We have two options as I see it. Go for an untried forward, with huge potential (the cheaper option), or dig deep, and bring in a couple of guys who have been there and done it, yet these will be tough ones to pin down. It seems to me, players looking at us, still see us as a small club, and quite rightly so at the moment, but until we start to show we mean business on the pitch, these sorts of players will be difficult to sign IMHO. Even if money was available, that's not the be all and end all, because other teams will be after the same players. Eddie has my sympathy, a totally different set of problems to the ones he's used too at Dean Court....