Friday, 30 August 2013

We need a full squad to take on the big boys

AFCB's first encounter with a promotion favourite did not come off too well, although we did stun Wigan. Still I kind of like the fact that other teams might think they can just turn up and beat AFCB. If any one takes the Cherries lightly it is likely they will come a cropper. It is important as usual for the Cherries to beat any clubs that are of a similar quality and size in the Championship, but we have to be brave enough to take on the big teams.

At home I am sure we will be okay. It is the away matches where we are going to really tested and we have to try and get points on the road. We do have quick attackers and it should help our play on the break, but we have to keep possession better so that teams can't hurt us easily.

I am looking forward to us stepping into those big stadiums and punching above our weight. Usually the team does well when it is up against top quality sides so let's see what AFCB can do.

The league is already starting to sort itself out and the positions of the teams may have a few surprises at the moment, but there is plenty of time for things to change around. For AFCB my main concern is the injury problems the club has had and getting players back to fitness so that they can compete for places. 

Once we are down to only two fit players in each position it does become a worry when you see players having to come off in the first few minutes of matches. I am sure our medics are among the best, but they have really had their work cut out in the early part of the season. We have much more chance of doing well with everyone being fit, but this is a really hard man's league from what I have seen so far.

Eddie Howe again hinted after the Watford Carling Cup game that Matt Ritchie was not far off coming back but he seems to have needed a much longer recovery period than was thought at first. Charlie Daniels looks like he is ready to come back which is always good news. I was pleased to see that Harry Arter was rested in the week as he has been not quite as dynamic as his normal self and I'd like to see him taking the game to the opposition more. Perhaps he can do that now after a rest. Pugh does look like he is back on form and having Coulibaly back will bolster Eddie's choices. 

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