Thursday, 15 August 2013

Can Foggey make it as a full back?

The need for more defensive cover for Francis is certainly going to be a requirement this season. While Purches and Cook might fit in there Wes Fogden is being groomed as a full back that will be able to come in and do a job for the Cherries when needed. It would be nice to know what Foggey feels about taking up his new role. While he has been injured of late and unable to be do much more to get used to the position, he does have the enthusiasm and energy that would serve him well as a full back getting up and down the pitch.

Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall have to teach him a lot though in terms of positioning, defensive cover and playing as part of a back four. I am not sure if Foggey has played much there in previous teams or even in his school years, but it must be a big ask to suddenly get used to playing a new role while also stepping up to the Championship. We have already seen how good Watford's wingers were against Simon Francis and Charlie Daniels, two of our experienced full backs.

The wingers in the Championship are quick and skillful and I also think many of the players are more powerful. That is something that Foggey is going to have to cope with. If AFCB did not know how ruthless the opposition will be in front of goal in the Championship we do now and everyone who plays in the back line has to be fully concentrating for every second of the game. It is a big leap for Foggey to make, but he could make the position his own as the main back up to Francis. 

The Wigan game will surely be much too soon for Foggey's comeback, but I hope to see him back training soon.

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