Saturday, 31 August 2013

No one said it would be easy

By the look of the poll results Cherry Chimes received last week, for who you thought would give AFCB the most difficult game out of six matches, we only had one vote for Huddersfield and yet second in the poll was Doncaster. So you may want to look away now if you are really frightened that Donny will turn AFCB over by a bigger margin that Watford or Huddersfield.

Can the defence hold firm this time?
In some ways I do think that the Doncaster game is as difficult a game as the Huddersfield one, but I would have put the Huddersfield one ahead of it, as the Trotters have more Championship experience. The marksmen for Doncaster, while good are not as prolific as Deeney or Vaughan and AFCB should be able to get into this game without conceding as much possession. If the Cherries can keep things tight for the first half an hour, the crowd could start to get on the backs of their players.

At least our players are no strangers to the Keepmoat and it should hold strong in their memory that they won last time out to a Harry Arter goal when visiting. Any psychological edge must be used to get our players in the right frame of mind for this one. While AFCB have won points at home, and you can't be expected to win all your away games, it is the number of goals that the team has let in that has made AFCB the second worse defence at present in this league.

While Eddie is keen not to deviate from his principles, to be honest I don't think we have the players to play route one for 90 minutes anyway. If we play to frustrate and defend with everybody behind the ball I am all for it if it gets us something from the game. Once AFCB are more established in the league, that is when they can play more expansively. Keep it tight is my message to AFCB today. I'm going for a 1:1 draw.

Of the players coming back it will be great to see Charlie Daniels, while I expect Howe will have to choose between Ward, Cook and Elphick with only two of them starting if he plays 4-5-1. Surman is likely to join Arter and MacDonald in midfield and we could find that Grabban is the lone striker with Pitman on the bench. 

Thanks for all those who sent in their predictions for today's game. 

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