Wednesday, 14 August 2013

It seems that AFCB has some money to spend

Eddie Howe looks like he has a reasonable kitty for AFCB but a small purse in Championship terms to try and bring in this much wanted striker. While knock backs seem to be the order of the day, if we are to believe press reports when it comes to chasing the signature of Malmo striker Tokelo Rantie, there are also noises about AFCB also being after Terrence Boyd of Rapid Vienna.

I suppose we should be pleased that our owners are doing their best to secure as good a striker as we can get for our money, but who knows how good they will be in the Championship? I suppose our position means that we will have to take some risks when it comes to buying players. The prices that English clubs want for players is somewhat ludicrous if the figures are to be believed. There are not many clubs though that have scoured the continent as well as the Cherries. Our scouting network is either on top of its game or is routinely being told of potential players from agents on the outside.

I just hope that if AFCB does spend, it does so wisely.  The only type of striker I don't think we have is a big physical one. Rantie looks like he comes into that bracket but how much do we really want to spend on the South African? With Middlesbrough and St Etienne also seemingly after him a bidding war is not probably one we can win. that may leave Howe pondering a move for Boyd or simply leaving well alone.

I suspect that the way that AFCB has not wanted to talk about potential signings that something could happen very quickly. Let's just hope it is the right ones that come to AFCB.

On a completely different note please go to Prostate Cancer's #MenUtd campaign and vote for AFC Bournemouth legend Mark Newson who Cherry Chimes has backed as the club's greatest captain. Let's get Mark the armband - voting page

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  1. IF, if, Eddie is contemplating signing BOTH Rantie AND Boyd, I'd be absolutely delighted if either or both signed. But I won't holding my breath, we have and will continue to be linked with just about anyone. We do ofcause have Lewis and Brett, but they don't have competition and these two would certainly be that!! There is also Ritchie and Coulibally to come back, and whilst they play in different positions, they will undoubtedly pitch in with a few goals.
    Rantie and Boyd would be outstanding I think at this level, and I do think we have to look forwards (no pun intended) and not be too sentimental, because yes, Lewis and Brett are good, IMHO I'm not so sure they are as good as the two being thought about. As for cost! I think they'd turn out to be a good investment, and Maxim digging a little deep would prove to me he means business... UTC