Friday, 16 August 2013

Taking AFCB to the next level

Know one said it would be an overnight journey to get AFCB firmly established in the Championship and holding its own against the very best teams in the division. We have had a bit of an early shock, but now our players are fully aware of the level to which they must perform every game, if they were not already aware. The outlook the club has is very bright and the odd setback has usually only stirred greater efforts from those on the pitch and the back room staff.

From a supporters point of view I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of Championship football with its high octane excitement and end to end entertainment. Most teams seem to go straight for the jugular In the games I have seen so far. It is a more ruthless division than League One and mistakes are perilous at this level. With all that taken on board I think AFCB will still do remarkably well this season and the desire for the team to succeed is seen everywhere you look.

Having visited Vicarage Road and looked around their small shop you can see how our ground and its appearance is really to quality now. It is on the pitch though where clubs have been spending their money and AFCB will need to compete at least with the bottom third of clubs if it is to have a good season. The signings that other teams have made are astronomical in terms of the finances they have compared to the Cherries. But the club is doing its best to put bids in that would break our club record and you can't ask for more than that. Our team will need to be built up over a number of years before we can buy and sell players for several millions. Money also does not guarantee success.

We have been told that AFCB will be built on hard work as well and as long as the players and staff are giving 100 per cent we are lucky to be the ones who can just sit back and enjoy the experience. Hopefully though you will feel committed to sing and support the players as they endeavour to take the club as high as it can go.

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