Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fraser already looks like our secret weapon

I was really pleased that Ryan Fraser started his Championship career in such a fine way against Charlton. While it was a shame that Coulibaly came off injured, Ryan really grabbed his opportunity and showed how dangerous he is with his direct running and dribbling which was causing Charlton all kinds of problems. 

Fraser is out to win a starting place.
Like many I am amazed at his crossing technique as well. I have seen  more great crosses from Ryan to test keepers in the box than any other AFCB player. He really looks for that area in front of the six yard area which makes it difficult for a keeper to come and claim unless he is confident while it offers forwards a chance to power in a header. Sadly we still aren't finding the strikers to read his delivery yet, but I think it will come.

One aspect of Ryan's game that is refreshing is how he tries to get up quickly and get on with things even when he is consistently fouled. Maybe Eddie Howe will tell him to stay down longer in future but he is so keen to do well it is exciting to see him try things at the moment and I don't want that enthusiasm curbed.

Ryan is also neat and tidy with his passing in front of the penalty area and the one touch football is coming as his understanding with Francis develops. If he continues to play like he did on Saturday, it will not be long before the pundits start talking about Ryan and his sensational skills. It was good to see that an early missed chance did not put him off either. He simply had another go a moment later and forced a good save from the keeper. I am hoping that he breaks his goal duck soon because then I think we will really see the best of Ryan as he will feel he has nothing to prove then, but will simply go out and enjoy his football.

Ryan again proved he is Championship quality when he played against Pompey last night in the Capital One match. He is already turning into a secret weapon, but Eddie Howe has to ensure he does not play too many games. Ryan has already been called up to the Scottish U-21 to play England next week. 


  1. My comment encompasses three of you're blogs really. I always said when Eddie and Jason came back I'd not agree with everything they do, I'm a footy fan, and no zip compared to them, but one up front at home against Pompey was certainly a big surprise. I listened intently on Silent, and it just seemed a wasted opportunity to give Jayden a run out with Wes. We won, so why should I worry.
    As for Ryan Fraser..... He is such a talent, surely teams will tire of kicking him in the air, when they realise, all he's going to do is just get back up and skin you again, or you find yourself booked or worse. I do hear the occasional critic, how I laugh. I say get a grip and actually watch him, watch his work rate, his running off the ball, his making himself available all the time, his passing, his crossing ability, and there is no doubt about it, there will most certainly be a tear in both eyes when he scores, which will I'm sure be the first of many. What quality we have in the winger department, what a joy each and every one of them is to watch, how frustrated THEY must be, when they either cross to no one because there simply aren't enough players in the box if any, OR, they have to go and have a cup of tea waiting for everyone to catch up so they can cut it back.
    Come on Eddie, this is getting ridiculous!!! It's an observation, I'm not being critical that would be sheer lunacy, and yes, I was mental enough to hope we'd sign Charlie Austin, Eddie I'm sure is having a very frustrating time signing a striker or two, and if he does, our wingers will then have a target to aim at. It's been a wonderful start to the season, our next two league matches will be a good yard stick... UTC

  2. Hi Afcbpete,

    I can't really disagree with anything you have said. Fraser has been amazing and so much improved over the short cameo appearances of last season. Lots of selection dilemmas ahead.