Friday, 2 August 2013

Countdown to season's kick-off well underway

It won't be long before we see our countdown clock click down to zero days as the new season kicks in. I'll be pleased to see the usual faces and some new ones around Dean Court for what should be the most exciting season we have had in recent times and we have had some amazing seasons in the last four or five years.

There is nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning knowing that you have a match to go to. My first view of the new Ted MacDougall stand at the South end the other day already put a smile on my face. There will be plenty of cheering and conversation in the stands about our new signings and who we think will be taking to the field in that first match. And with lots of new sponsors around the ground there should be lots to take in as everyone tries to get their message across to an expectant crowd.

I will be looking out for one or two faces in particularly to see how they are doing. I am not sure Super Fletch will be able to hold back his emotions and I expect Eddie Mitchell to be punching the air at some point. I know  who will be concentrating on the game though and who will be getting the players heads just right - Eddie and Jason. 

After a long and slow summer it is Eddie Howe that I most want to see. Just knowing he is on the touchline breathes confidence in me, all the Cherries' fans and the players. We are in this together so let's have a successful season. UTCIAD!

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