Thursday, 1 August 2013

Anxious moments for AFCB fans awaiting season tickets

I can understand AFCB fans chomping at the bit this week to see the postman coming around the corner with a special envelope for them. The club has sent out the season tickets fairly late on in the summer break, and I expect there are still quite a few of us waiting to hear that post box rattle with the sound of a delivery from AFCB.

Because of my advanced wonderful planning, oops.. Cherry Chimes is currently on holiday down in Christchurch and I will have to drive back to Surrey before picking up the golden season tickets for Saturday's match. Still, it will give me some time to ponder over what has happened during the summer months as the Cherries have been preparing for this week and it may just finally sink in on those long drives that AFCB is about to embark on what is likely to be the most exciting period of its history to date.

I like the way that there are so many opinions about how AFCB might do in the Championship, but know one really knows at the moment. It is like waiting for Christmas day and we can start opening some presents on Saturday. For a lot of fans though, the wait for that season ticket that is getting us nervous. It is the biggest present of all, because some AFCB fans have been waiting for some 23 years, when we were last in the second-tier of English football.

Well those days are about to return and who knows what the season has in store for the Cherries. As the club slogan says, "Anything is possible!".

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