Monday, 12 August 2013

Keeping things in perspective

You can see now why Eddie Howe keeps such a level head about games that we win and does not go overboard when we lose. The 6:1 masterclass that Watford gave AFCB will not happen every week and it is important that Howe gets this across to the players as quickly as possible. One bad day at the office does not have to define the season and there was lots to admire about the first half performance.

While the team need to understand where things can be improved they have to go into the Wigan game with rebuilt confidence. We all knew Watford would be difficult and something had to give with AFCB not being defeated away since, last March, in the 3-1 defeat at Leyton Orient.

There must be high hopes that Matt Ritchie will be back soon and perhaps Mohamed Coulibaly as well. It would certainly boost the team if we can get some players back. Chief among them is Tommy Elphick, but his recent set back may mean that the Wigan game comes too soon for him.

At home AFCB know they need to play with lots of fire in their bellies and be true to the footballing beliefs of Eddie Howe- pass and move. I expect a good performance against Wigan and a first half that is going to be very important for the team. Going out there with the right attitude is all that can be asked for and if the team performs the result will look after itself. 

Once AFCB has played Watford and Wigan at least the club will have had two of the Championship favourites out of the way and perhaps it then gives Howe the chance to reassess if AFCB really does need to bring any loan players in. 

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