Thursday, 8 August 2013

Is Grabban set for a big season at AFCB?

There was several of us that were a bit fearful of our striking potential when the team lined up against Charlton in the first game of the season. After all, Wes Thomas never seems able to score for us and even Lewis Grabban hadn't netted since February. Moreover, it was that same month when Charlton last lost an away game to Hull City.

Lewis is in sparkling form.
But how well did Thomas and Grabban play? I thought they worked extremely well together for most of the time. Thomas' touch was not always perfect but he got really involved and made himself a problem for the Charlton defenders. 

It was Grabban though that caught the eye with his two goals. His second goal was a stunner and I can't really work out why Charlton gave him the room to turn and shoot. The keeper was slightly unsighted which did help his strike but the power and swerve on the shot were more akin to a player that had a lot of confidence about his game. Can Lewis go on now and have a really big season for AFCB? Whatever Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall have been doing with the strikers in training seems to be working, we just need to get that goal count up now. When Pitman and Ritchie return to the line up we should have some excellent fire power and suddenly things may not be looking as thin up front as we all thought.

While it is important that AFCB does not rely totally on its forward to get its goals I do feel it is important for the main strikers to get off to a good start. They are only really happy if they are scoring. If they keep doing that they know they will keep their shirt and I think it's vital for the team that the forwards are the ones with the biggest smiles on their faces. Lewis should be beaming this week.     

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