Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Isn't it about time we signed Coulibaly's brother?

I really enjoyed reading Kelly Somers' interview with Mohammed Coulibaly in the Wigan MatchDay programme. There were some very eye opening moments and things we could gleam about Mohamed from the things he said. Firstly, I want to know more about these brothers he has one of which is younger than him and he feels arguably much better! He already plays for France U-20s. Sign him up Eddie.

I hope Mohamed is back on the road to recovery really soon.

Secondly, I don't think us fans really give enough thought to how difficult it must be for a player like Mohamed to come to a different country and be expected to pick up the language quickly. It must be a nightmare on the training ground when you have only a thin grasp of the language and are expected to do things as well as any other player. What did make me laugh a little was that Coulibaly is learning by speaking French with Richard Hughes who has a lovely broad Scottish accent. I wonder how their conversations go with a bit of Scotch/English and French combined?

We also learnt that Coulibaly's family is living in France and he himself did play some football in France in his earlier days. But like many players Mohamed seems to have a love for the English game and has been very pleased to come to AFCB. I think he could not have chosen a more welcoming club, knowing how good our fans can be. The life of a footballer is not always easy off the pitch and I really hope everyone helps Mohamed to fit in well because on the pitch I think he is one of the most exciting players I have seen at Dean Court. I really think he will be a big success.

I just don't want him to take any more haircut advice from Matt Ritchie! Only, kidding.

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