Friday, 23 August 2013

Here it is - the challenge of getting back-to-back wins

When AFCB turn up at the Galphram stadium both they and Huddersfield will be trying to achieve the Holly Grail of football in the Championship - back-to-back wins. Huddersfield will certainly have the advantage of playing at home, but Bournemouth have to find a way of combating that threat and having one of their own. 

Okay, so Grabban is in good form and may sneak a goal at any given moment. The pressure on him though will mount unless we get some other players getting their name on the score sheet. For all of Bournemouth's hard earned points we are not busting the net every five minutes and to win games one-nil is fine but if we don't up that scoring level AFCB themselves are relying that they can keep a clean sheet every game.

For Eddie Howe it must be somewhat of a balancing act between attack and defence. In the Watford game the balance wasn't right and he may have to rethink how we play in the second half of games away from home if we are tiring. The team has proved it can defend well at home against Charlton and Wigan and limit chances to a minimum. But it's a lot harder to do that away from home and AFCB are best when they invite teams on to them and break with some slick passing when away from home.

Creating chances is something that the team has carried on from last season. If the Cherries can get their first away win against Huddersfield it will push them on to give it another big go against Doncaster Rovers. I am excited about both of these games as I do feel AFCB has a good chance to add to its points total. The club has played at both stadiums in the not too distant past and they have won at both grounds so they know they can do it.

That word consistency is above all what Eddie Howe will be banging on about I am sure. Consistent performances will bring rewards and when the team is resolute and gives its all in all areas of the pitch we do look a class side. AFCB has to think about itself fist and its own performance only then can they make special plans for the opposition in front of them. AFCB didn't do all the things right against Watford for 90 minutes and a 90 minute plus performance is what we'll need against Huddersfield on Saturday.

If you have not already seen the videos on Cherries player from Eddie Howe, Steve Cook and Shaun MacDonald for the pre-Huddersfield interviews I urge you to take a look. There is some real pointers that the lads are looking forward to the challenge of getting points on the road.

Do also take a look at Rival Lines where we speak to a Huddersfield blogger in a preview question and answer session.

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