Friday, 13 September 2013

Blackpool fans may give Pitman a hot reception

Brett Pitman could be in for some lively banter from away fans according to the Blackpool Supporters Association (BSA) as the two seaside clubs meet in the Championship this weekend. Talking to Cherry Chimes, the BSA commented that Brett Pitman would be one player that their fans would be looking out for. It was back in August 2010 when Brett had decided to go and talk with  Ian Holloway, the then manager at Blackpool, about a possible move to the tangerines, but to most AFCB fan's amazement, Pitman decided not to join the then Premiership club.

As things turned out it was not much later that Pitman decided to go to Bristol City in the Championship. AFCB fans thought that would be the last that they saw of Brett unless he played against AFCB in future seasons, but the return of Eddie Howe to AFCB opened the door again for the Jersey-born striker to resume his time at the Cherries in a second spell that continues to this day.

There's only one seaside town for Pitman.
Blackpool's loss, if you like was AFCB's gain in the long-term. Perhaps the Blackpool fans still feel that it hurts that Pitman turned down a move to them at the time.

For the full question and answer session with the BSA, go to the Rival Lines tab where the association previews the AFCB v Blackpool tie and gives its opinion on past and present Blackpool managers and the current players at Blackpool FC who are about to taken on the Cherries this weekend.  

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