Sunday, 8 September 2013

Who has been keeping the bench warm at AFCB?

No one wants to be sitting games out and I sometimes feel it is even more depressing if you are a player that is fit and yet raring to go but have to settle for a place on the bench. As you might expect, king of AFCB's bench warmers so far this season is goalkeeper Darrel Flahavan. He has kept the bench warm on no less than seven occasions, but I guess that is seven times more than Shwan Jalal. Darryl is only on a one-year contract so he must be hoping to get a chance at some point. The FA Cup games may be his first chance to get selected for the first team.

Behind Darryl on five bench visits is Wes Thomas. Wes may well come under more competition to keep that place as well as the forward line is going to be stronger still with Tokelo and Josh looking to play a part in the team. I feel the most unluckiest player to be waiting for his opportunity is Eunan O'Kane. We all know he has the quality and is well able to do as well as any one in midfield, and the signing of Andrew Surman will be an added challenge for him and others. Eunan has been on the bench four times so far.

Flahavan has kept Jalal away from the team but has
not had a chance to play in the Championship. 
You may wonder how come I haven't yet mentioned Tommy Elphick? Well his injuries mean he has only been picked as a sub three times and many other players have been just as friendly with the AFCB bench. In all, I counted 20 players that have been selected to be a substitute so far this season. Eddie is really using the squad with seven players allowed to be put on the bench in league games. The squad of course is bigger than this and there are a few that have not made the bench for the first team yet. Straight off I can think of Partington, Purches, Fogden and Jalal. 

Lots of bench sitting for Donal.
Stephane Zubar is still listed as a current AFCB player as well from all sources that I can find and yet we have had no news of how he has been doing since making some pre-season matches and the transfer to Bury that never seemed to happen. I have not seen Stephane's picture in the MatchDay programme this season, so I am not sure what is really going on with him and the club. 

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