Saturday, 28 September 2013

Who else will line up with Rhodes?

Blackburn Rovers have had quite a new team to bed in this season as Gary Bowyer has brought in a string of new signings that are hoping to make the grade at Eawood Park.

Among the new defenders are Mathew Kilgallon from Huddersfield in July but he hasn't featured for them yet this season. He has played for Sunderland in the Premiership and was a former team mate of keeper Paul Robinson at Leeds Utd. Tommy Spurr, who wears number 3, also signed from Doncaster, but hasn't had much of a run in the team yet.

The wing threat will come from Ben Marshall who signed for Blackburn in the summer from Leicester City. Some of you may also remember Chris Taylor who was a mainstay of the Oldham team in recent seasons. Another familiar name, Alan Judge is also at Blackburn having signed from Notts County. Cory Evans who plays in midfield is another summer signing having come in from Hull City.

Having such a crop of new players can of course work for you if they can gel together quickly and I think it is a wise move for a club that has been in the Premiership and needs ambitious youngsters to fit in with some more of its experienced players. 

The task facing AFCB is not a faded Premiership team then that has run out of steam but more of a revitalised team that has something  to prove. A few of their players have chosen to stay at Blackburn rather than seek moves, but it is a young team as a whole. They have not won away from home yet and AFCB will be trying to make sure that they are not the first of Blackburn's triumphs on the road.

Last time out against Huddersfield the Balckburn team line up was:
Kean, Kane, Spurr, G Hanley, Dann, Lowe, King, Taylor, Evans, Rhodes, and Cairney.

Eastwood, Kilgallon, Marshall, Olsson, Williamson, Judge and Best. 

Blackburn Rovers Away form
AFCB's Home form

Enjoy the game today. I'll have another story going up mid-morning today - a mascot special!

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  1. Tommy spurr has played every league game this season, Ben Marshall signed just before the window shut and was dropped for our last game

    1. Thanks. I am not sure how afcb will set up could see Fraser back. My spies say we have been training with 3 at the back but I think that will be for Tuesday and Leeds. We should be 442 today Cook at left back?

    2. No idea mate - I just hope we play best up top with Rhodes, king and Taylor out wide, Evans and cairney cm and drop Lowe.

  2. Kilgallon was signed from Sunderland, but as yet hasn't managed to get into the side ahead of Dann, Hanley or Spurr. We should be playing Cairney and Lowe with Judge tucked in just behind Rhodes. Taylor and King on the wings.

    We'll probably play Lowe and Evans with Cairney tucked in just behind Rhodes. Cairney is great, but he doesn't seem as suited to the advanced midfielder role as Dunn (injured) or Rochina (also injured). Judge might be the answer there, which would allow Cairney to provide balls from deeper...but that means dropping either Evans or Lowe. Lowe is very underrated in my opinion, and I think we'd really miss him if he was dropped.

  3. Cairney is good but only seems capable of passing with his left foot - hence never released Kane against Huddersfield when in loads of space, wasteful as Kane has most assists for us. Lowe is a good fullback but poor in cm.

  4. I guess we disagree on Lowe. I think a lot of what he actually does off the ball goes unnoticed by a lot of supporters.