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Pugh's late winner sees Cherries defeat Barnsley on Rantie's debut

AFCB V Barnsley FC
17 September 2013
Attendance: 7574 (364 away fans)
The whole build up to this game from the Bournemouth side was dominated by the scheduled debut appearance of 23-year old, South African international striker, Tokelo Rantie. The home crowd were going to have to wait with Rantie only named on the subs bench, as Howe named an unchanged starting eleven from the Blackpool game.

Meanwhile, since playing Nottingham Forest Barnsley dropped Mvoto and Jennings to the bench, while O'Brien was not in the squad. In came Steele in goal, Crainie, Cywka and Dagnall.

Match description as the action unfolded
Listening to BBC Radio Solent
Expectations were high for this game from the Cherries supporters. Having not won any points in the previous fixture there could be an inquiry if they lost tonight. Barnsley wore sky blue shirts and the officials were in yellow. We were reminded that these two teams have the most leaky defences in the Championship so far this season.

AFCB set up 4-4-1-1 with Pitman just behind Grabban up front. Grabban was caught off side early on. Francis, Fraser and O'Kane getting on the ball early. Pugh also beat his defender but dragged the ball out of play. Daniels almost put MacDonald through.

O'Grady showed early signs of looking to beat the off side trap. Bournemouth had a long throw from Cook, headed away. Francis had it but lost the ball.

Pitman was was still waiting to get a touch. Perkins had a long run beating several players and found Kennedy on the wing but AFCB snuffed out the move.

Fraser crossed to Grabban who tried to flick it on to Pugh but the keeper claimed the ball. Cranie was tackling well at the back. Kennedy was getting down the right, but Fraser managed to put the ball out. Etuhu knocked Fraser in the face and AFCB were given a free kick. O'Kane was tackled though from the resumed play.

Dagnall was caught offside. Barnsley were trying to pass the ball around but it was skimming off the surface fast. 

Pitman took a free kick but it was picked up by Dagnall. Dagnall then got a yellow card for a challenge on Brett. Cook and Daniels brought the ball out then passed over to the right wing and crossed to Grabban who tried to get MacDonald in but it was too strong and over his head.

Barnsley had the ball half way inside the Cherries half, with Cranie and Kennedy on the overlap, but Allsop gathered with 18 minutes gone. Both keepers were untested at this point. Perkins and Wiseman on the ball, Ramage then to Dagnall and while Cook won the ball, Ramage won it back. Both teams are passing the ball well and keeping possession.

Cherries with Fraser, Kennedy tackled him. A long throw on 21 minutes with Francis and Ward looking to get on the end of it. A throw by the corner flag is taken by Daniels, the ball goes in the six yard box bouncing and Pitman and Fraser between them put it over! Best chance so far.

O'Grady then had a shot down the left from a poor angle and hit the post. Dawson then hit the rebound against the same post! What a let off. It was easier to score, "but he blasted his shot instead of cushioning the ball," said Willo. Barnsley should have been ahead. Cywka and MacDonald tussled for the ball near Bournemouth's box, but Macca wins the throw.

Cywka has a shot which just clears the bar by a few inches. Allsop was struggling to get there. The home crowd was pretty quiet now. O'Kane and Fraser now do a one-two with Fraser pushed into the advertising hoardings. Daniels takes the first corner and Francis drives the ball in but it is cleared with Cywka. O'Kane obstructs Dawson - free kick on 27 minutes.

Kennedy puts in a poor ball and Pitman clears the free kick. Craine and Ramage at the back. 
Dagnall and Dawson were not keeping the ball when around Bournemouth's box. 

Fraser's cross to Pitman was just too strong. Luke Steele was still untroubled on half an hour. It's not been a great spectacle according to Kris Temple. Lots of passing but little endeavour. Grabban runs into a blue shirt but MacDonald won the ball, Fraser's shot is on target but easily saved. 

Chris Dagnall has a chance with the ball sitting up but he put it into the Ted MacDougall stand. "Barnsley have something about them at the sharp end," said Kris Temple who was amazed that they had no away points yet this season.

Eleven minutes to half time, Perkins and Cranie, then Wiseman as Pugh tracks back. Cywka has a shot after 15 passes and Allsop makes the save. Grabban on the right gets the ball into Pitman, then Daniels crosses and Cranie gets the ball out for a corner. O'Kane and Daniels try to work the ball in, but no one gets on the end of it.
Cook takes a long throw next on the left into the six yard box but it's out to the left, Pugh gives the ball away and Dagnall is fouled on half way.

Daniels throws to Pitman and Dagnall gets hold of the ball. Dagnall Perkins and Wiseman working well. Ramage then picks it up. Barnsley were keeping the ball well but not really hurting the Cherries.

Eddie Howe and Tindall were writing notes down. Barnsley certainly the stronger as the half went on.

Wiseman would have had a chance if Dawson had made a better pass. "Wrong option," says Willo. Grabban on a good run was caught by the centre back before he could pass to O'Kane. A poor corner ends up as a Barnsley goal kick.

Barnsley with Perkins as Pugh goes charging in. O'Kane gives the ball away as Cywka tries to get a shot away, but Daniels nips in. Still 0:0 as half time approaches.

Daniels plays a ball down through the centre to Grabban, but his shot was well over hit when Fraser was in acres of space to his right. Bournemouth started okay this half, but Barnsley have played the better for the last 20 minutes. Half time. Flitcroft will be the happier.

Second half
The start of the second half and Pitman and Grabban create a great chance but a big miss from Grabban when one-on-one. He puts the chance wide!

Some claims for handball are not given to Barnsley, but they do get a corner that;'s met by
 Kennedy but Ramage's header is wide. Daniels has to come off and Tommy Elphick is coming on. Daniels' old injury could be back.

It looks like three at the back for AFCB. Perkins plays it in to Dagnall and then Dawson hits the ball over the bar. Fraser tucks in behind the front two.

Rantie is warming up! "O'Kane could be coming off," says Temple. Etuhu and O'Grady are keeping the ball and eventually win a corner.  Ward clears and then O'Kane on the right hand post. Fraser comes off and Rantie comes on to big applause with 35 minutes to go. Rantie has yellow boots on and is playing just behind Grabban we are told.

Rantie is away, he losers the ball under his feet. He has it back but shoots wide! What an introduction. "He looks strong on his left side," says Kris Temple. He certainly sounds pacey but his finishing needs some work he said pre-match.

The AFCB crowd is lifted. "Rantie is a bit of a Jermain Defoe," says Willo, looking at his stature. Pitman on the right, tries to find Rantie. Rantie 30 yards out, Grabban header gathered by Steele.

Barnsley are struggling to hold possession. Francis is into the penalty area and wins a corner. Rantie is showing good movement. Rantie and then Ward with a shot. Rantie down the left eats up the ground but nothing comes of the move.

O'Kane is rugby tackled by Cywka on the half way line. Perkins is challenged by Pitman. Pugh to Pitman and Rantie, but its cleared. Francis and Pitman stands it up to Grabban but there was not power and the keeper saves. "Pitman should have shot hard and low," said Willo.

Jennings came on for Cywka. 20 minutes of the second half have gone. Grabban and O'Kane on the byline back to Pitman and some last ditch defending from Dawson ends in a corner. Rantie could not quite get a touch. O'Kane puts the corner straight out.

Perkins is marking Brett who is making the problems for Barnsley. Pitman wins a free kick. Francis clips the ball in and the keeper fists it out for a throw. There are some 300 Barnsley fans we are told.

Francis gives the ball away to Jennings, but AFCB get away with it. Rantie tries to get a pass from Grabban, but is beaten to it. Francis looks for Pitman, yet Kennedy wins the ball. Francis has been energetic as a right wing back. 

Cook turns in field then O'Kane, Pitman. Francis' cross is headed away. MacDonald wins it back. Grabban shoots and Ramage puts it out. Elphick has a chance from the corner, but it loops wide.

Jason Scotland comes on for Dagnall. Pugh is playing as a left fall back. Rantie almost gets in but the offside flag goes up. Just 17 minutes to go, Pugh crosses and Francis nods it down. Pitman goes retrieving and then Grabban and O'Kane. Grabban misplaces the pass and Etuhu breaks.

Rantie is penalised for a push on Crainie. Grabban and Wiseman battle for the ball and Elphick builds from the back. Ramage picks up O'Kane's loose pass. Pitman down the right and then Francis, Pitman side steps man and Pugh scores!! Bournemouth score with 13 minutes to go. Pugh has had a quiet game but scores hard and low. Pugh gave defender t
he dummy before rifling the ball into the goal from 12 yards out!

Bournemouth were looking to make a sub but have sat everyone down again. The Cherries need to manage the game now. "Francis has been the best player tonight," says Willo. O'Grady snaps a shot wide.

Kennedy is replaced by Noble-Lazarus, 10 minutes left. Rantie holds the ball up well but Macca is caught off side. Quote of the day from Willo on Rantie: "We haven't side Pele, but some one of that level to be signed from Malmo is quite something for our club. I've been watching him. He is intelligent, and has nice movement, if only someone can spot his runs," said Willo.

Perkins almost caught in possession by Rantie. Wiseman tackles Rantie. Seven minutes to go! I'm getting nervous.

Barnsley have a free kick. Eddie Howe gets every one in the right position by waving his hands around. The enforced change to three at the back could have done AFCB the world of good. MacDonald is down and Steve Hard comes on. Richard Hughes then comes on for MacDonald.

Just four minutes left. The free kick from Jennings is won by Elphick, Rantie chases and Steele kicks the ball long.  Barnsley have a chance and Ward makes a crashing saving tackle for a corner.

Rantie gets in one-on-one but his left foot finish is not the best. Grabban to Pitman are harried by Scotland who wins a free kick. Francis is named man of the match.
Rantie on the right gets it to Grabban. Five minutes of extra time are called out. Rantie definitely catching the eye. He finds Pitman who just fires wide. "Pitman and Grabban look better with Rantie on the pitch," says Willo. Pitman is playing just behind Grabban and Rantie.

Wiseman to O'Grady and Jennings but the ball runs out for a goal kick. Eddie Howe is out not very happy that the flag did not go up. Perkins puts the ball out for a corner by mistake. The last minute of extra time. 

Steele finds Wiseman and then Jennings. Pugh smashes it up to half way and Pitman fouls Perkins. Behind it goes for a goal kick. Allsop takes his time and it's three points for AFCB!

Allsop, Francis, Cook, Daniels, Ward, Pugh, MacDonald, Fraser, O'Kane, Grabban and Pitman.
AFCB Subs 
Flahavan, Elphick, Harte, McQuoid, Hughes, Thomas, Rantie.

Steele, Ramage, Kennedy, Cranie, Wiseman, Dawson, Perkins, Dagnall, Cywka, Etuhu and O'Grady.

Barnsley SubsDibble, Mvoto, Jennings, Mellis, Scotland, Noble-Lazarus, Rose.
Damien Hill who sits in the Family stand has sent in some player ratings for this game:

The back 4 looked unsure until Tommy Elphick came on. He was brilliant !!! Pitman 4/10 . Good job Pugh scored otherwise he would be 4/10, but I will give him 5/10, Ryan tried 7/10, O'Kane wouldn't shoot 5/10, Cook 6/10, but overall a poor game to watch. Francis 6, Ward 5, Macca 5, Rantie 7, Elphick 7.

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